Hello, I’m Valleyscott

Hello readers, I’m Valleyscott.

Welcome to my little blog, where I hope to be able to speak freely about the world of consensual transactional sex.  This is not a topic that is talked about very openly.  That’s because the world knows it by another term: prostitution.

It is something that is illegal in most places, and something considered immoral by many.  Yet it is among the oldest of human endeavors.  People have been exchanging money or goods for sex since at least the beginnings of recorded history.  But it remains something hidden in the shadows of most societies.  It’s is not my aim to bring it into the light, but just to discuss it.

There are plenty of good things and bad things to be said about it.  I hope to be able to discuss all of it here.  Unfortunately I must do so with a certain level of discretion. I cannot use my real name.  Nor anyone else’s name.  But I aim to be as honest and open as possible without compromising the security of myself or anyone I know.

So I welcome you to come along.  Please feel free to leave respectful comments, whether you agree with what I have to say or not.  Here we go. . .

One comment

  1. Great Idea Valleyscott, I will check in on your blog frequently. I enjoy discussions about the oldest profession in the world. This little game has been going on since the 1 st woman figured out she had a commodity that was sought after and she could trade what she had for goods and services. I see nothing wrong with that if both parties enter into a transaction and get what they need or want. It has never been stopped and will never end. I feel bad for the ladies who are most affected by fosta. Hopefully things will get better.


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