She Is Not Who You Think

She’s not what you think,
This woman called “whore”.
She’s not what you think,
She is much, much more.


Whore. Prostitute. Woman of the night. Street walker. Slut. Hooker. Harlot. Call girl.
All of these terms are negative. They are the linguistic aspect of society’s disdain for women who engage in transactional sex work. These terms reflect the opinion of society. And it’s ignorance.

These women are so much more. Don’t get me wrong, there are some bad apples in the bunch. But there are also many amazing women.

Currently the social view of women sex workers is that they are either victims of abuse, victims of human trafficking, or simply “sluts” out to earn some quick money. And while many women do fall into these categories, many more do not.

The stories of how women came to be sex workers are as diverse as those for any profession. And why shouldn’t they be? Not everyone becomes a doctor, or a teacher, or an engineer fro the same reasons. People tend to take unique paths into whatever career they have. And those unique paths often defy any stereotype.

Sex workers are mothers. Sisters. Wives. Girlfriends. Friends.

They often have “normal” jobs. I know women who are a teacher, a nurse, a photographer, an accountant, a lawyer, a chef, a housekeeper, a personal trainer, a social worker, and business manager. I know others who just do sex work full time.

Some do this just for the money. But many do it because they desire to spend their time—personally and professionally—connecting with other people on a very intimate level.

Some have found that this is their best option to earn a good living in an ever more expensive society. Others just want some extra cash. One lady I know does this to pay for her sons medical treatment. Another is putting away money for her children’s education.

Most of these women are kind. They are caring. What they provide is far more than just a few sexual acts. They serve as therapists for their clients. They will be the one person who listens and encourages their clients. Men with abusive wives find relief in the arms of these ladies. They relieve the stresses of life. They console their clients when they are hurting.

They are not what so much of society believes. But few people know this. Why? Because these ladies are outsiders, and only the men who know them get to understand what they really are. I am fortunate to be able to call many of these ladies my friends. One is even my best friend. I have been able to see her at her best. And be there for when times are bad. And she has done the same for me. My life has been enriched by getting to know who these wonderful women are. It’s too bad that most of society will never know the truth that I have found.

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