“Life Happens”

“Life happens” is my version of the venerable “shit happens” phrase.

I’ve been absent from posting here and on the CTS sites I frequent for the past few days.  As much as I love participating in the world of sex, I also have to deal with the realities of life.

The biggest reality I am dealing with these days is the care of my dying mother.  She likely only has a couple of weeks–or less–left in this world.  This means that most my time is spent caring for her and waiting.  Not an easy time for me.  I write when I have time, and when I can concentrate.  I can’t work or play with my favorite ladies these days.

And this is part of the CTS world–we all have real lives.  Providers and clients alike.  We have families, jobs, friends, churches, and other groups.  Our lives are just as complex as anyone else.  As much as we wish it was all just one big orgy of sensual bliss, we have to live regular lives.  This includes caring for loved ones in need.

Something that might be surprising to people outside of the CTS community is how supportive we are of each other during hard times.  We really do care about each other.  I have many friends and acquaintances who are routinely offering me words of encouragement and emotional support.  Many of them have already gone through what I am facing right now.  And their encouragement really helps.

Our little sub-culture is not just about sex and money.  It is often a place where people find help, encouragement, and healing.  Friendships.  And even love.  We stand beside each other.  We cheer when the good things happen, and we console in times of grief.  It is a dynamic, wonderful community to be a part of.

My mother has actually improved since I wrote this in April.  Well, perhaps “improved” isn’t the right word.  Stabilized might be a better description.  She still requires substantial care, but the threat of immediate loss has passed for now.

I appreciate greatly all of the support and love I have received from our community over the past year as I have cared for my mother.  It has given me strength that I didn’t realize I had within me.  Thank you.  And keep up caring for one another. (Updated 6/17/18)


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  1. Dealing with situations like these are never fun. I hope you look back later in life and feel a sense of comfort that you were able to be there for your mom. I am always around if you need a shoulder to lean on or an ear just to listen. Take care…..you are in my well wishes.


  2. Best wishes to you and your mother. I had a close friend go through the same thing some years ago taking care of his ailing Father. It was very difficult for him at the time, but now that years have past he looks back on the time he spent and told me it gives him a sense of pride and fulfillment to know he was there for his Pops at his time of need. Bless you Sir.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear what a difficult time this is for you..sending love and positive vibes your direction. Xo


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