Thank you!

I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading this blog. While I initially created it last fall, I’ve only been posting to it for two weeks. And I consider those two weeks to be very successful. I’ve averaged around 350 page views from almost 100 visitors per week. People are reading my blog. For anyone who likes to write, it always feels good to know people are reading.

Now I just wish I knew how more of you felt about what you are reading. I have received only a couple of “likes” and just a handful of comments to my posts. I hope this blog can be more interactive. I want to hear from others.

I want to hear from the ladies who are sex workers (and if there are any male sex workers reading this, your opinion matters too!). I want to hear from other clients like myself. I want to hear from people outside of Consensual Transactional Sex (CTS) community. Do you disagree with me? Tell me why. Be respectful, but share your thoughts.

Questions. If you have them, please send them to me. Comment. Send an email. Ask your questions. Unasked questions are such a waste. Ask away!

I created this blog to share my thoughts on “the hobby”, but I’ve realized in these chaotic times that I can be a voice for the CTS community. I hope that this blog can be a means for me to communicate with people outside of my little world what the CTS community is really like. I want to break down stereotypes and put forth some measure of the truth.

I am grateful to each person who has taken the time to read posts on my blog. Time is a very valuable commodity in society today, and the fact that you have chosen to spend some of yours on my words has meaning. Take a few moments more, and ask your questions. If anyone has a topic they would like to see addressed, please share.

Thank you,
“Always a gentleman”

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