Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day.

A wonderful little holiday where we honor the women would bore us into this world, who raised us, who love us.

But today, I want to honor and send a blessing to mothers other than my own.  Today I say HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY to all of the mothers who are sex workers.

For many of you ladies, your children are a reason that you work in the world of Consensual Transactional Sex (CTS).  You do this work because it is the best means for you to provide for your children.

I know many sex workers who are mothers.  They love their children.  Their children are the center of their lives.  I know women who make sure that they do all the things that a “stay at home mom” does for their kids–cooking, cleaning, taking them to school and events.  And these ladies also work in CTS.  They make sure that their children are cared for and watched over at all times.  In fact, they are often among the best mothers I have ever met.

Society has placed a stigma upon the sex workers.  So much so that it is often assumed in society that if a woman works in the sex trade, she must be a bad mother.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

I grew up in a community where the parents were lawyers, doctors, managers, accountants, and such.  All good, “respectable” jobs.  And thier kids were so very often ignored.  These parents scheduled time with their kids around their professional needs.  But that is not what I see with the sex worker mothers.  They schedule their work so as not to interfere with their kids.  Their children come first.  Clients have to wait.  You don’t see doctors and lawyers doing that.

So today, I applaud you mothers who work in CTS.  You are strong, you are brave, you are fierce.  You have shown that you are wonderful, loving, caring mothers.  Your children are blessed to have you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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