Ah, the Unicorn. That mythical horned horse of fantasy. Always shown in art as being a “perfect” creature, utterly pure and powerful and wonderful. So what does that have to do with CTS? Everything!

Within the world of Consensual Transactional Sex there exists the search for the “perfect” companion. The “Unicorn”. That elusive sex worker who will provide for all of a man’s desires. Does such a lady exist? Can a client actually find her?

Well, yes. And no. And yes.

First off, we need to be realistic and pragmatic here. THE (singular) “perfect” lady does not exist. Why not? Because there can be no single definition of what is “perfect”. I have read many a online debate among men as to what the perfect provider is. There is no true consensus. There can’t be. This is an entirely subjective topic. Ever man has different desires when it comes to women. They desire different things in appearance, attitude, and activity. As a result, there can be no single perfect woman. No Unicorn.

But yet, there are unicorns. It is up to each client to find that one, perfect provider. And it can be done.

There are two ways to find your Unicorn.

1) The Search:
To find the Unicorn is the greatest hunt in CTS. It is the grand search. You must do extensive research. First, you must figure out what YOU desire. You cannot know what the perfect provider looks like unless you know what it is that you most desire. Second, you must take your list of perfection and search among all of the available providers. This is a time consuming and frustrating process. Many will seem to fill out your check list. You ill have to see them, experiment, discover if they truly are the elusive Unicorn.

This is a time consuming and expensive proposition. It will be full of missteps and mistakes. Many misadventures await the client who attempts this search. Most will give up the quest. They will never find their Unicorn.

2) The Discovery:
The other means to find your Unicorn is to realize you already know her.
This too involves looking into yourself and deciding what it is that you truly want. But this one involves not a “wish list”, but a real examination of what makes you truly happy and fulfilled. And here is the magical part of it—you have probably already met your Unicorn if you have been playing in CTS for any time.
She is the one who made you feel better than any woman did before or since. She is the one you think about all the time. She is the one you never regretted seeing. Sure, she may not check off every box on your wish list, but when you were with her it didn’t matter.

My Unicorn
I have found my Unicorn. I am lucky. In truth, she found me. She approached me, having read things I had posted online. She had the confidence to know that she could fulfill my desires. I have never had a single regret from time spent with her. She is the first lady that I think of within CTS. She is the one I want to see more than anyone else. I was not searching for the perfect lady, it was just that one day I realized she was perfect for me. She has become my friend, and I person that I care deeply for. I truly hope I never lose her.

The Dangers of Unicorns
There are dangers in searching for, and finding, your Unicorn. The Search can be expensive and potentially an unfulfilling failure. That is one danger.

The biggest danger is actually FINDING your Unicorn. Some clients might go broke spending time with and buying gifts for their Unicorn. But the greatest danger is attachment. It is very easy to become emotionally attached to such a lady. This can be a wonderful thing. It can lead to a real relationship. There have even been a few times where clients have married their lady. If it works, that is awesome. But for most, the attachment can become unhealthy. It can become an obsession.

And then the relationship can end. This can easily be as bad as the end of a “real world” relationship. Many people in the CTS world can recount stories of losing their Unicorn. There is real heartache that can come from it. And then the longing to find someone to fill that void.

The Unicorn is real. And in my opinion, she is worth finding. And perhaps the time spent with her could be worth it if the relationship ever ends. I hope I never find out. But for now, I am glad to be a part of the Unicorn Club, that special group of clients who are fortunate enough to have found the perfect lady.

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