Answering Your Questions (part 2)

Okay, it is time for another round of questions from my readers. . .

“Why did you get into this hobby? How [have] your interactions changed your perceptions of the hobby? [W]hy do you stay in this hobby?” — Ledbetter

Okay, a triple question.
I got into the “hobby” because I was single and horny. I was 21, no girlfriend, and I wanted some sex. So I made an appointment with a “dancer” that advertised “private shows” in the newspaper. Wasn’t really sure what would happen, until she reached into my shorts and took a hold of my manhood. The situation became abundantly clear. Been hooked ever since.
As far as how my perceptions have changed—read my blog. Lol. But seriously, that is really a primary aspect of this blog: everything I’ve learned over the last 19 years.
As for why I stay, it is the people. I truly enjoy the companionship, the community, the intimacy, and yes, the sex. But notice that sex is last. There is so much more that I love about this little world than just the sex.


“Have you ever been arrested as a client?”—Anonymous

No. Thank god. I have been detained by law enforcement, but that was back in the time when I would cruise the streets and pick up street walkers. I didn’t do that for very long. I’ve always been very cautious.
(Hopefully this answer doesn’t encourage any peace officers to want to break my perfect record.)


“What are some of the more embarrassing things that have happened to you with sex workers?” — “Boner”

Embarrassing moments. I’ve had a few.
How about not being able to find my pants at the end of a session. Seriously, it took ten minutes to find them with both of us searching. Somehow they ended up on the other side for the room from the rest of my clothes, underneath a chair that I never went near.
Or I could mention not being able to, shall we say, hit the target? I just had no aim in my game one night. Could not enter my date. We both ended up laughing so hard that we had to stop for a while. After we calmed down, she took control and we had a wonderful time.
I hope those will suffice for embarrassing moments.


“What is the most you have ever paid for a session with a [sex worker]?” — Anonymous

The most I ever paid was 300 Euro (about $400 at the time) for 30 minutes in Vienna, Austria (completely legal!!!). That was a lot for me. I’ve never been a “big spender”. I have to keep myself on a strict budget for all of my hobbies, otherwise I am the type of person who would end up in financial trouble. I have a tendency to become compulsive with things I enjoy—it led me to some tough times money-wise when I was younger. So I stick to a tight budget which just doesn’t allow for big expenditures in anything I do. As for that time in Europe, I rather regret it. She was very beautiful, but not passionate at all. Should have saved my money and bought a new guitar when I got back to the states! (Music is my other hobby—and it’s a damn expensive one too!)

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a question. I have several more, many of which deserve long answers and will likely become full blog posts.


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