Answering Your Questions (part 3)

Round 3 of questions from my readers. Keep them coming. . .

“In the almost 20 years you’ve been in the hobby, have you ever caught an STD? Can you share your best practices for staying safe?” — Pilgrim

Great questions!
No. I have never contracted an STD. Thank god! I count myself as very fortunate in this regard. I took some risks earlier in my hobbying days. Spent time with plenty of “streetwalkers” of questionable health and hygiene. Not among my proudest moments. But I never caught anything.
Staying safe is critical. It is critical for yourself, and it is critical for everyone else. Safe practices keep us all safe together.
The best safety measure—stay home and masturbate. Seriously. What I mean by this, is don’t get desperate. Don’t take risks. If your choice is taking a risk on a questionable lady or staying home with some internet porn, choose the porn.
Use condoms. Always use condoms. They are not an option. They are a lifesaver. And take your shower afterwards (and before, but that is just so you smell nice for the lady). Clean your self up after playing. It really does reduce risks.
And use condoms (can’t say it enough).

If you play safe the worst thing you’ll ever get is a cold (that happened to me once, but that’s another story.)


“Why is [Sabrina] always on your mind?” — Deep Dark Secret

Ah, Miss Sabrina. Why is she always on my mind? Because I think she is awesome. In the time I have known her she has become a true friend. Her massage is unequaled, but it is her character that stands out the most. She really is one of the most honest, caring, comforting, generous, funny, and sexy ladies I have ever met. Hard not to think of her. I would rather spend an hour just talking to her than an hour having sex with any other woman.


“Are you going to be charging for this blog now?” — Anonymous

No. I’m guessing you saw my 6 week report and my thoughts on sponsorship for this blog.
I have no intention of ever charging people to read my blog. That would defeat the entire premise of free speech.
However, I am looking into online sponsorship or patronage. This would allow those who were inclined the chance to help me out financially so I can bring more and better material to everyone. Those that did will likely gain access to special, extra things. But it would change the content of my blog or it’s availability. The ValleyScott Blog will always be free to read.


“Have you ever fallen in love with a provider? If so, what happened?” — Ledbetter

What happened? I don’t know yet!


Keep those questions coming! I am really enjoying this. And some of the questions are leading to bigger posts that are coming soon. Thank you for your support. Please share about my blog on your social media accounts or other websites you use. You are making this blog a true success!


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