What to write?

Hello friends.

I have been off of my keyboard for the past few days and have not written any new material for my blog.  Sometimes life just keeps you away from the things you enjoy, and I do enjoy writing this blog.

There are so many topics that I want to address.  I currently have a dozen different topics in progress, but none of them are ready for publishing just yet.  SOmetimes it is hard to know just what to write about.

Do I write about the issue of Sex Trafficking?  How about Having a Romantic Relationship with a Provider?  Or maybe I should write about Safety Issues? Or Sex Toys? Well, maybe not sex toys, since I know nothing about that topic. Lol!  But I could write about the responses I received about “Bob”‘s story of being a serial no-show.  That one got a lot of people talking!  Or I could write about my favorite lady.

Sometimes I just don’t know where to start.  But that is okay.  The last couple of days have given me a bit of time to rest my mind.  But you can be assured I have plenty to write about.

June is going to a busy month on The ValleyScott Blog.  Many (maybe all) of the topics above will be addressed, plus much more.  I have several interviews with CTS providers in the works and I hope to bring the first of those features to you soon.  Plus you can look out for more Answers to Your Questions, another peice in my series on the effects of FOSTA, and maybe even a post or two from some guest contributors!  Good stuff, coming soon.

Until then, thank you all for being the most awesome group of readers a guy like me could hope for.  Thanks for making this blog a success.  Be safe, play smart, and have fun this summer–I know I will!

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