Hello? Is anyone there?

There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to meeting a sex worker. It really isn’t very easy. You have to find one first. Then you have to make contact through a text, email, or call. You have to get through those initial questions about who you are. Then there is the screening and the references to make sure you really are a potential client and not a cop or a crazy. Then you have to schedule, which can minutes or weeks to set up.

And even when all that goes smoothly, you can show up, knock on the door. . .

And nothing happens.

The dreaded no-show. The flake. The silence.

For whatever reason, sometimes a lady is just not there. You arrive at her location and you get no response. She doesn’t reply to texts, doesn’t answer her phone, or doesn’t answer the door when you knock.

At first you think you screwed up. You have the wrong phone number? But no, it’s the same number you were texting an hour before. Or you are too early? Nope, right on time. Are you at the right hotel? Yes. So where is she?

The thought that it could be some sort of trap runs through your mind. Are you about to get robbed? Arrested? But no. Nothing happens.

Then you start to get worried. Did something happen to her? Is she hurt? Did her last client do something?

Some guys leave quickly. Others wait around. Maybe she is just in the bathroom? Maybe she locked herself out of her room and she needs the manager to let her back in? A lot of thoughts go through your head as the silence drags on.

After a while the worry starts to turn into anger. You start to see that you’ve been stood up. You wonder why. Why would she do this? Everything was all set up. There was no issue. You have a good reputation. Good references. Doesn’t she want to work?

Why me?

Oh, the frustration and anger start to build. For some guys, they just say “oh, well” and move on. For others it is a big insult. For anybody it is a waste of time.

The average hobbyist doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to play each month. Many guys only see one or two ladies a month. So a missed date is a big deal. For many guys a lot of effort went into setting things up. Making sure you have the time, the money, and the energy to go out. For those who need to take a medication like Viagra in order to perform, it is a wasted pill. They had to take that little blue pill an hour or two before the meeting.

Regardless of what anyone says, it is a big disappointment to get stood up by a sex worker. It is damn frustrating. One of the reasons you call up a professional lady is to have some guarantees. But there are no certainties in life—including the life of a hobbyist.

Later on you might get a text or call from the lady. An excuse. An apology. Perhaps a sad story. Sometimes you find out that something really did happen that caused her to not be there at the last minute. But very often you end up not knowing what happened.

Maybe you go online and blast her for flaking on you. Maybe you don’t. Some guys like to send the lady a photo of the money she didn’t earn.

I’ve been stood up a few times. It sucks. It really does. I don’t get to play very often. It takes some work on my part to make the time so I can get away and see a lady. And to then show up and be alone? No fun. Cancelations a few days ahead of time are bad enough. But a flake? A no-show provider? That really does ruin things. I never take the road of revenge, but I will let others know what happened.

A common complaint I hear from ladies is that too many guys flake on them. On this blog we have had a serial no-show confess. It is a terrible thing. But it happens both ways. Many a lady has flaked on the guys. It is one of the worst things in the world of Consensual Transactional Sex. And in our current climate, where times have become very tough for providers and clients, it is even a worse thing to do.

I recently heard a lot of stories about ladies flaking on appointments. At the same time I am hearing many stories of ladies being in tough financial situations. I am not saying that the two are related, since most of the time they are not. But with the current state of things, providers (and clients) need to make sure they keep their appointments. True professionalism is more important than ever.


  1. Had a good session with an ATF today. Almost missed due to poor phone service in the lobby. I was waiting and she was sending texts with no answer from me.

    Finally I realized and went outside to call her. She told me the room # and also said she had sent at least 4 texts.

    So I go up and as I get out of the elevator I can feel the missing texts coming into my phone.

    Imagine how may false accusations of NCSN result from something like this?!? So happy I did not jump to conclusions.


    • This is why I have always disagreed with the guys who leave if they do not get an immediate response from a lady. Patience is a key factor in finding happiness in any of life’s ventures.


  2. I had a phone that would automatically try and sync up with B or Wi-Fi was available and when I was staying at super eight it would connect to their Wi-Fi but because I hadn’t entered the passcode I didn’t have any Internet service and it was preventing all my calls from coming into my phone and I almost missed a client it probably was about another 20 or 30 minutes of just bullshit because of my stupid phone and him not being able to follow direction


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