Answering Your Questions (part 4)

Time for another round of Questions from my readers. I love these, so please keep them coming. The more questions the better.


“What is the best way to avoid disappointing sessions with a lady?” — Jason

Attitude is one of the most critical aspects of having good sessions. Your attitude and hers. If either of you has a bad attitude in any way, disaster awaits you. If you both have a great attitude, then you will find a way to have fun. This doesn’t mean everything will go perfect, but if you both have a good attitude, you find ways to deal with issues. The best sessions happen when both parties are excited and enthusiastic about having fun.
One key here is to do your research. Look for ladies that have a positive, fun-loving personality online. Ladies who other men have commented positively on her attitude and personality. Find the lady who has a personality that you like and you are taking the biggest step in avoiding disappointment. And as much as possible, talk things through a bit before meeting. Good communication is always a plus.


“How can we fight back against FOSTA/SESTA?” — Vikki

You are doing it. Our best weapon against unfair laws is, and always has been, our voice. We must talk, write, speak out. Petitions, protests, blogs, vlogs, letters, editorials, etc. It is through words that minds are changed. If we hide our voices, it will only become worse. We must be loud. But we must also be clear. We must be civilized. We must not be a mob. Do not be silent, but do make sure that you communicate clearly. But make your voice heard and encourage others to as well. Write your Congressional Representatives and Senators.
You can also contribute to organizations that are fighting for the rights of Sex Workers and clients. I’m working on a list of such groups that I hope to publish soon. Help them to help you.


“You’ve mentioned online that you haven’t seen your All Time Favorite provider in a long time. Is she still your ATF? How long before you stop considering her you favorite? — PsyLkr

It has been 172 days since my sat visit with my ATF. Is she still my ATF? My “Unicorn”?
Bet your ass she is!
Just because I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her in several months does not diminish her excellence or my opinion of her at all. Unfortunately for me, I found my perfect lady in a provider who only occasionally visits my town. She lives and works 200 miles away from me. This is just a reality that I have to live with. And my personal situation prevents me from traveling to see her (if I could, I would go see her once or twice a month).
She isn’t my favorite because of how often I can see her, she is my favorite because of how she makes me feel when I do get to spend time with her. Nobody has ever made me feel as good. And I’m not talking about how I feel physically or sexually, but how she makes me feel about myself. My emotions, my psychology. She makes me a better person. She makes me laugh. She makes me think. She challenges me in good ways. And the truth is, she continues to do this even when we are apart, thanks to her texts, calls, and video messages. She is an awesome person. If I have to wait a while more to see her, so be it. It will just make our next visit even more special.


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  1. For sure find a personality that fits yours. I’ve been lucky that nearly all the ladies I’ve met mesh well with me. They be smart, funny, are a bit sassy and just fun to be around.

    I have afts and ATFS. Capital afts are those incredibly special women whom I have become friends with. We have done social things like movies, dinners etc. I will do almost anything to help them out and have never been shafted by them., when my mom passed away I got messages from them checking in on me as well as my hospital stay last year. It is not romantic feelings or such but it’s deep respect and concern between them and me


  2. I think as long as we remain good friends, I would never be replace . VS you make an example about an ATF. Just cause the time spent with her peoviding her services. It the closeness you share . Just as we have. And that is what makes up for the time lost. Well my friend you always seem to impress me ..
    Thank You
    Sabrina Luv


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