Not Fan Mail

I received the following email Thursday morning. I’ve been on the fence about sharing it or responding to it. But I think it is best to be open. So here it is, unedited, along with a public response from myself. I apologize for the language.

“Hey Pervert! What the fuck is this thing? The ValleyScott Blog?!?!?!? Who the hell do you think you are? Pushing your stupid perverted opinions onto the world. Trying to make you and all your slutty whores and pervert degenerates look good. You can’t clean up slime like you and these people you write about. You’re all fucking trash. You all should be locked up in prison. Men like you should be castrated. And the women should all have the vaginas sewn shut. Or maybe we should just stone the whole lot of you like they did in the ancient times.
And now you want people to pay you to write your crap??? Why the fuck would anyone want to pay you? I see that you only found one loser who is willing to. What is wrong with him? A bigger loser and pervert than you are. You just want some more money so you can hire another slut since you can’t see your “unicorn”!!! Fucking unicorn?!?! What kind of stupid shit drugs do you people all take? And people like your writing? That Sabrina chick can’t even put a proper sentence together. The whole lot of you are all going to hell. And that’s after you all die of AIDS. Which you all fucking deserve!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! God will have HIS Righteous vengeance on all of you pathetic sinful perverts and sluts. Whores and whore lovers.

A Righteous Man”

I again wish to apologize for the language and content of this letter. Obviously, the writer is not a fan. This was sent to my email anonymously. He certainly wants to express his opinion, but doesn’t want his name attached (probably worried that I will post it).

As you might imagine this letter made me terribly angry. It was an attack on me, on my dear friend Sabrina, my readers & supporters, and on my community as a whole. Part of me wanted to keep this anger to myself. To just send this hateful note to the trash folder and forget about it. It is often said on the Internet, “Don’t feed the trolls”. But one of the things that I desire most out of my blog is for it to be honest and open. And so I decided to share.

I could go point-by-point through this letter and write a rebuttal to each incorrect and vile statement. But I hardly think that is necessary. And it would likely just rile up more anger in my heart. And that is not the emotion I desire to feel (In fact, I want to pity this poor man). But I do want to address a few points.

Yes, I am a sinner. I have a strong Christian upbringing. I actually go to church. It is an important part of my life. Does that make me a hypocrite. Certainly. But an honest one. More so than the author of this letter, who would use his own brand of religion as a weapon of hate. That is not what Jesus taught.

I also want to say, that in no way do I think any of my readers are “fucking trash”. In fact, I hold you all in high regard. We all know there are some bad apples in our community. I doubt those people take the time to read a blog like mine. No. My readers are probably among the best this community has to offer. At least, that is my hope. Lol. I know some of you, and you are wonderful people.

To my dear friend Sabrina: It angers me most that he brought your name into this. I know you are tough and don’t let insults get to you. But I cannot stand people saying hurtful lies about people I care about. You are a shining light and represent the very best of our community. OF any community.

As for my asking for financial support for my blog, it is something that I do with much apprehension. I don’t like asking for money. But I do want to improve my product. I don’t need money for sex. But I do need it so I can travel and meet with interesting people and bring you their stories. I do need money so I can get my own domain name and make this into a real website. I do need support so that I can be a part of the events that will shape our community. So far, I have only one supporter. But I am not discouraged. More will come.

More important is the real support I receive from all of the positive comments people give me here and on social media. Your responses build me up and drive me to want to deliver the best to you. I thank you for all that you do.

Our community is a far better one than the man who wrote that letter will ever understand. That is too bad.

Thank you all for your time and love,


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  1. He thinks he has the right to be judging someone, we don’t need to bash back .

    This doesn’t make us any better then him does what we do really matters to him!
    Plus it’s rude wouldn’t make us any better than how he has already presented himself.

    But that’s just what I believe .

    Everyone is intitle to their own opinion, say what they like. Even share.
    we can give them advice but judging them by mere one or two incidents is something amateurish.

    Well it’s not good for us to argue back on a person who thinks he matters in this world . Allow him to say whatever he wants to gather up and use as his own conclusion.

    If he wants to form an opinion based on the limited information he has gathered, chances are that his opinion is only what he wish they would be, either better or worse than reality.

    Don’t allow this person get you upset. I mean really, he has some nerve to preach . “God will have HIS Righteous vengeance on all of you pathetic sinful perverts and sluts. Whores and whore lovers.”.

    He dare puts himself higher or better than anyone one of us. What make him so god damn better.

    When He comes on here
    attacks all of us…. Really ??

    Well god shall have” His Righteousness” believe that.

    But not on us, the ones who feel he has right to pass judgement on others,
    He beliieves he hold some kind of power of authority.

    No.. Not At All.
    Its only human nature to judge. Doesn’t make him any better, or even make us better to attack.

    People will judge us all by the limited view they have on us..
    They Judge as we judge too.we all judge.

    Good or Bad.

    But we can blame them for doing, is doesn’t make us any better to talk down or state hateful comments.

    Arguing back and to pass judgement on a fool with nothing better to do.

    It takes a lot to know a person especially people like us.
    If he formes an opinion about us all based on the limited information he chose to gather, chances are that his opinion is only what you wish they would be, either better or worse than reality.

    So don’t be bother by a person who has no power of authority and has no power to even be seen as important in this world.

    Even by what he says. as if it should have some kind of effect on either of us.

    Allow him to state his opinion Isn’t that the whole reason you blog?

    To allow others to be able to share. Well welcome what he has to say and answer his email as you would do to other.

    Lol anyways. I hope I made these word made a ‘proper sentence’
    I been taking my Meds..hehe

    Don’t allow this fool get the best of any of us .

    Allow him to form his opinion, I mean nevertheless it’s to soothe his own soul that is burning with either admiration, or with jealousy for us all..

    It has nothing to do with reality, and only with his own perceptionn and wishful thinking.

    To “Mr A Righteous Man”

    You should really cross over and get to know each and everyone one .
    Let’s see how well you enjoy the judgement that we might have to share with you.

    I Dare You Wont… Giggle Giggle…

    May their judgements not affect your knowing who you really are my dear friend . (neither through criticisms nor flattery).
    Allow him to state what he likes.
    And continue to be the living kind hearted man with a dream to fulfill all of our soul with your blogging .

    I love you.
    Muah 💋
    Mrs Luv
    Stay Ms continue to be the Gentle-Man You Are.


  2. Valley Scott….I think I expressed my feelings on switter for Beth you, and for this “ so called” gentleman. He is worthless…..and I am sure he already knows that, down deeep.

    But, you keep writing, and keep posting, and the enlightened people will find you….and the people that want to be enlightened will find you as well! Unfortunately, some people that Are full of hatred and self loathing will find you…..

    To quote Revelations: “be hot or cold for me, for the lukewarm will be spit from my mouth”. Hot or cold, love or hate….it is all part of sharing your truth!

    But, it is never acceptable for this person to comment on Sabrina…. a person you care deeply about….that is cowardly, and THAT is the reason for the redneck ass whoopin’ comments!!


  3. In the Bible it states all sins are equal. Murder is the same as premarital sex or adultery or stealing or talking back to your parents.

    Jesus befriended all and did not judge. He hung out with the dregs of society to be an example of how a better man conducts himself and treats people. We are all to strive to be like Jesus and I believe ValleyScott might be closer to this than mr. A righteous man.

    And also it’s not premarital sex if you don’t get married.

    And all these opinions that are formed out of Christianity don’t mean shit when you don’t believe in Jesus or the Bible. Yes I know scripture but I am not a believer therefore these slanderous opinions have no effect on me. I don’t believe in hell. I don’t believe what I do is a sin. You can have good ethics without religion.


  4. How can you witness to non believers and the people you think need Jesus the most when you don’t rub elbows with them as Jesus did? How do you witness to non believers when you only surround yourself with fellow Christians? How can you bring someone to Jesus when all you’ve done is hurl insults and judge? That’s not what Jesus would do and I’m pretty sure he’s embarrassed you are his follower. You’re behavior is not Jesus approved and he’d likely want to disown you but he loves all his children even the midget minded rejects.


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