It seems that not a single day goes by where I do not run across a sex worker lamenting about how much trouble she has getting potential clients to give her the information she needs to properly screen them. Whether it’s on a website forum, in a chatroom, or something else, ladies are expressing their frustrations.

So guys, listen up.

It really isn’t hard. When you contact a lady you want to see, give her the info she needs without her having to ask. Your name/handle, where you got her number/email/info, your age, and a couple of references (or at least an offer to send them if she wants). Then, if she asks you any questions—ANSWER THEM! Don’t frustrate the lady if you want to see her. That is stupid.

Seriously guys, screening is important. And these days, with so many sites gone where people could screen each other, it is more important to be up-front with the information. Screening is a big aspect of the safety within the CTS world. And safety is important. The ladies need some assurance that they are not letting a psycho or a rapist into their room. Or somebody who is going to rob them or otherwise mistreat them. That kind of thing still happens, but screening properly reduces it.

Our community took a big hit when it comes to safety when so many websites went off-line. It set us back. And guys need to realize it was more than just a loss of ads and reviews. It completely disrupted a fairly stable screening system that could often feel as though it didn’t even exist (though it did).

But the problems in screening are not exclusive the province of men who fail to give information. Many a provider is also failing when it comes to screening.

In the last 48 hours I have talked with three different ladies who have lamented on the fact that their efforts to check on a potential client’s references have gone unanswered. I’m not talking about it taking more than an hour for a provider to reply, I’m talking about many providers who are never replying to requests to verify references.

The reference system is one of the best and safest means we have for screening in the CTS community. A couple of quality references can open almost any door for a client. But the system is next to useless if sex workers don’t reply when asked to verify a client. It all breaks down. It becomes a waste of time. And it either leads to provider’s losing a potential client, or putting themselves at risk.

And ladies, don’t think for a moment that it goes unnoticed. If you are a provider who ignores reference checks, be assured that the lady texting you will remember. And when you come calling asking about one of her clients, she will remember. Will she pay you back in kind? I guess that depends on the lady. But I do seem to recall an old proverb that says “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

We need screening. It keeps us all safe. Clients and sex workers alike. We need websites where we can screen each other. We need good reference checks, both online and person-to-person. We need good community. The reality of our current situation is that we need to work together. We are stronger together. We need to be a team. We need to vouch for one another. We need to recommend each other.
Guys, I know it can be a pain in the ass to type a lot of info into a text message. I’ve got big hands and those buttons are damn small. But it really isn’t that much work. And the easier you make things for the providers, the happier they will be when you show up.

Ladies, don’t ignore those texts, calls, and emails asking for verification. You are not losing a client. You’re creating a network. If you help her, she will help you. Don’t just verify, recommend clients to each other. Build up each other’s efforts.

Screening is a part of the CTS community. We all need to embrace it. We need to build it. We need to perfect it.


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  1. I’ve always responded to reference requests from other ladies, but I do find it helpful (putting it mildly) when a gentleman contacts me before providing my information as a reference. I need to know that the request is coming from someone you’d actually like to see, and not someone with other motives entirely.


  2. Not every provider screens via references (I don’t), nor do all of us require the same info for screening. The bottom line is, don’t attempt to get providers to ease their requirements or worse, provide incorrect info for screening. Attempting to circumvent screening is red flag behavior. Respect how each person does business. If you don’t want to provide the info that’s being requested, move on.


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