So many ideas. . .

Hello everyone!

Having a bit of a delay on getting some posts together, but I wanted to say hello and give some updates on things.

Right now I have a bunch of different post ideas in the works.  I think I have 16 partially written pieces just waiting to be finished.  But I also keep getting new ideas. And sometimes those just seem like a better choice and push back the planned ones. Such is the life of a blogger!

I am trying to get onto a better schedule of posting here and promoting things on Social Media.  It has been my hope to post about 3 days a week.  So far I have been able to do that.  I might be increasing it to 4 times a week or more.  Things are really rolling on.  Also look out for some videos that might be coming in the next two months.

I am hoping to be bringing you a few new posts from some guest contributors in the next couple of weeks.  This has been something I have been wanting to do and have mentioned before.  It has taken some time, but soon you will be getting to read some things from some very interesting people in our community.

Hopefully next week there will be a major change:  My own domain name!  So that will mean a new link to this site and all of it’s content.  Don’t worry, I’ll be posting it EVERYWHERE! Lol!  You can count on me for self-promotion!

This is exciting because it will allow me to change some things on my blog and really turn it into my own site.  I have my first two patrons on Patreon to thank for this.  Their patronage is helping me to be able to afford the domain name and website hosting.  I am still looking for more people to help out so that I can bring more and better material to you.  Every little bit helps.

After the new site becomes active, you will be noticing some changes.  There will be a different look to my blog as I customize it.  And you may soon start seeing some advertising.  I’ve been in contact with some potential advertisers who want to share their services and products with you.  It is my hope that any advertising on my site will be relevant to my readers and a benefit to our community.

I am excited about the possibilities that are ahead.  I never dreamed that this blog would become such a major part of my life.  I spend 20 or more hours a week working on it, writing, editing, researching, responding to emails and comments, and promoting.  It is highly rewarding.  And that is thanks to all of you!

Yesterday, June 20, is a great example.  On a day in which I did not post or promote this blog, my posts were read over 90 times.  Well over 200 total page views.  On an off-work day for me.  This is you, my readers, being an active part of this blog.  Thank you!


If you like this blog, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon.  Patronage brings access to bonus materials not found on the blog, including live chats, extra articles, extended interviews, and other special materials.  Your small monthly support will go a long way.  Please go to to help out.  Your donations are secure, and I do not recieve any of the billing information.  Patreon is a trusted source for crowd-funding and completely safe.  Thank you — VS

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