It happens. . .

Sex is a wonderful thing. I love it. Writhing around on a bed with a beautiful, sensual woman is just a pure delight. Passionate, electric, erotic sex. It is absolutely fabulous. True pleasure.


Until somebody farts.



It happens.

Talk about a mood spoiler.

There is nothing quite like being on top of a lady, in the midst of some passionate thrusting, when all of a sudden your butt decides to imitate a dented bugle.

Or when a lady is riding her man for all she’s worth, and there it is—pppttt, pppttt—a double toot from her booty.


This can be a truly embarrassing moment for both parties. But it happens.

There are a few options when this happens. You can ignore it and soldier on, hoping it is an isolated explosion. You can get so embarrassed that you have to stop. Or you can laugh.

I think laughter is the best option. After all, it really is funny. In a crazy, silly sort of way.

Most of us take sex just a bit too seriously. Or a lot too seriously. We can get so involved in it that we forget how silly we actually look. After all, this is Consensual Transactional Sex. Sex for fun. This isn’t supposed to be serious. This is supposed to be about having a good time.

So laugh it off. Make fun of yourself if you toot your booty horn during playtime. Because most of the time, it really is just funny as hell.

Unless, of course it isn’t.

I do recall an evening spent with a lady I was in a relationship with, where she was having a bad night.

She had less loose a little toot while giving me some oral pleasure. No big deal. She giggled. I laughed. We kept playing.

Then things went a bit off during some doggie-style. She really let loose with a series of awful farts. Even when I stepped away, it kept going. It was bad. We tried to laugh it off, but we ended up having to evacuate her bedroom!

To make matters worse, she confessed that what she had eaten for dinner ALWAYS gave her bad gas. Maybe not the best thing to eat on a date. Suffice to say, the mood was ruined.

But this is the exception. Usually a mid-coital fart is nothing to worry about. You can laugh about it during or after the sex.

Just remember to not take yourself too seriously and play on!



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