Independence Day

The Fourth of July.  Independence Day.

For some.  Not for all.  It certainly isn’t a day to celebrate Freedom for sex workers.  Nope, today is not a day of Sexual Independence.  Not a day for celebrating freedom for the CTS community.

But it should be.

We even have our own Founding Father for our community.  Yep, Mr. Benjamin Franklin, one of the architects of this nation we call home, was a Hobbyist.  He was one of US!  Ben Franklin loved the idea of Freedom for America.  He also loved tinker and play with science.  And art.  And litereature.  And food (hence his waistline!).

And old Ben Franklin liked the ladies too!

He spent a significant amount of time in Paris, serving as our ambassador to France. He was well suited to life in Paris.  He loved life, good food, and sexually liberated women.  He was well known in the upscale brothels of the city.  He was respected as a good client.  He loved the ladies and they loved him right back–in that special way that providers do.

So today, as we celebrate this Nation of Freedom with our fireworks, beer, and hot dogs, remember that we are a Nation that was founded by at least one great Hobbyist.  Perhaps someday we in the CTS community will get to celebrate our Freedom.  And if that day comes, we should remember our Founding Father of Fun, Benjamin Franklin.



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