Searching For New Homes

FOSTA screwed things up for a lot of people. No one can argue that is not true. It left many of us “homeless” when it came to the websites that used to be our main sources of communication and connection within the world of Consensual Transactional Sex. The widespread closure of many sites by their operators out of fear of FOSTA, coupled with the Federal seizure of Backpage, created a huge hole in the means for sex workers and clients to connect.

And thus began our search. Our quest to find new homes. Some old places remained. Small, local sites. Disused sites that had never really met our needs. Unreliable and disreputable venues for online communication. But few quality spaces remained. So we worked to stay connected. We turned to mainstream Social Media, creating our own little corners of places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where we could talk, and yet try to remain unseen by those who might suspend us.

And then new places started popping up. And some old places started changing. For a couple of weeks I received a fairly constant stream of messages asking if I knew anything about one new website after another. I did not keep a count of how many sites I looked at and signed up with. At least a dozen or more. Most have not been worth my time. Others haven’t been too bad. Some are even good. I won’t talk about all of them, but here are four sites that I have used and some thoughts on them. They range from a regional site to an international one.


After (and even before) the fall of Backpage there appeared a number of “BP clones”—sites that looked like BP, but were not. Mostly they had just copied adds off of BP and posted them without permission. These sites are practically useless, and likely quite dangerous. But then cam a new one, a site that has raised a lot of questions: YesBackPage.

There is a lot of suspicion within the CTS community about the validity of YBP. Is it legit? Is it just another BP clone? Can it be trusted?

Not everyone agrees on the answers to these questions. So far, there have been almost no listings on the site that have been of any value to me where I live, but others are reporting quite different things in their areas. And I have been sent a copy of an email that YBP sent to a provider I know. In this email YBP is offering to give financial credit to any providers who lost money when BP was taken down. Many ladies had prepaid for ads for months in advance and lost all that money. YBP is offering to help them out. To me, this is fairly promising information about the validity of YBP. It is definitely a site to keep an eye on.

[Click here to the YesBackPage Email]


Ah, PD. The “replacement” for NightShift. Or at least that is what people are claiming. When this first appeared I was skeptical. But I checked it out. Ended up spending a while chatting online with one of the creators of the site. It really made me feel good about joining. PD has been a bit slow when it comes to getting up to speed. But maybe that is a good thing. Some areas have experienced much faster growth than mine, but the tide is shifting. And it is nice to see resources again that ca be potentially valuable for screening purposes for BOTH sex workers and clients.

As far as replacing NS, it might do much more than that. PD already has a much broader reach. NS was very regional, mostly for Northern California. PD is nation-wide.


P2P is a regional site, mostly for central and Northern California. Supposedly it’s primary goal was to allow people from NS to reconnect and for people to get connected to social events. It started up fairly quickly after the fall of NS, and it did allow for NS users to connect with one another.

But it is a highly restrictive site. The owners have taken to calling it a “dating” site, and are quite insistent on users of the site sticking with such euphemisms.


Switter is a Mastadon-based social media platform for the CTS community. It is world-wide and highly active. It started up fairly quickly after the passage of FOSTA, but is outside of FOSTA’s jurisdiction. It has tens of thousands of users. It has become a great site for connecting with people.

Frankly, it has become the beating heart for a large part of the CTS community. It is a very community centered site. People feel very free to post almost anything they want. There is a pretty good chance that YOU found out about my blog through Switter.


None of these sites is perfect. The sites they replaced were not perfect. But they have each offered some value. More value for some people than others. It remains to be seen what else might be on the horizon. More new and better sites could be around the corner. Existing sites might become so much more than they are. Only the future know for sure.

Until then, thank you for tuning into my website. I hope this post helps. Each of these sites has had some benefit, some more than others.



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  1. In my little part of central California, Private Delights has not picked up much. I think the programmers must be overwhelmed. They are taking a hard stance on trafficking (good for them, btw) but it is taking a long time for the providers to get verified which is disheartening for them. I have high hopes but it has a way to go to be the NS replacement here. What I really miss is the forum discussions where you got to know the girls personalities outside of the bedroom setting. I had hoped Switter would be a good replacement but really it has become more of a place where the providers post uncensored listings. Party2please if far too restrictive. Anything that is remotely related to CTS gets pulled and a stern warning is issued to the author of the post. If they are that afraid of FOSTA they should close up shop. Most girls in my area are using “” and “” which really just do what backpage used to do. No reviews or verification system to speak of. I see a lot of former NS providers on there and I would trust to see them as I know their history from the former site but that makes it hard to see any new providers that pop up. In truth I have most enjoyed the former nightshifters who have migrated over to Instagram. That has come the closest to keeping alive the Central Valley Community that we had built up on NS.


  2. Let me mention some for SoCal… harlot hub has brought me a lot of calls as well as adult look. Dead sites I’ve been on for a year have picked up like tna board & AL went from having 500 views in a year to 1500 in a month. Sugarnights has picked up many more callers. Erotic monkey was doing good until the started charging. Society of the Phoenix I think is most promising. You gotta know someone to get an invite or go through their screening process. I chatted with a guy from private delights and am not impressed from a provider standpoint as their verification is more of an employment background check than a provider verification and screening. The guys on that site don’t know what providers do to screen and they informed me of the site they use. No blacklist checks which are what us providers care about. That is a false sense of security they are giving. That site isn’t gonna tell you if he harmed a lady or is potentially dangerous. Our concerns are very different from men, so having a man run screening and verification isn’t worth a shit when he doesn’t know how providers screen. He was quite uninformed when it came to this industry at all. But one good thing I commend them on is having the domain foreign, ownership non us citizen and off shore servers. I’m glad they took my advice on verifying provider age. But I will not likely finish the sign up process until it’s more developed. Keeping an eye on them for now…

    Guys, it’s important you tell us where you found us so we know where to direct our attention to and where to put in the effort. No sense in updating sites we don’t get calls from so it helps us to know! Don’t get weirded out and stop replying!


  3. All the new websites each have their strengths & weaknesses, but the biggest strength from most of these innovations is their launched by sex workers, especially the advertising venues. Most advertising websites are just vile to SWs. Unfortunately, the abusers get away with it since they generate most of an SWs income.

    Many are upset with P411’s recent announcement, but I’ve read many stories about Gina’s altercations with certain providers and it wasn’t nice. Providers are starting to feel the collapse of P411. Yeah, it sucks for the providers who received great business from P411, but I sense a bit of karma is slowly coming around to people who weren’t so nice to the SW community…..

    Look at all the new websites now! Switter is the first social media platform where adult entertainers don’t have to worry about being banned/deleted because of their profession. PrivateDelights allows providers to respond to their reviews along with a co-ed chat for both providers & clients. Crockor, VerifiedPink, and SWAN are free classifieds designed by SWs!

    The creators of Switter initiated Tryst. It will showcase a diverse range of escorts by implementing affordable prices. Many SWs that relied on Backpage, can’t afford the lucrative venues to promote. So Tryst wants a fair price beneficial for everyone. Clients can have free accounts as well. When they upgrade, their fee supports the sex work community. (along with more access to an escort’s private content hehe)
    Personally, I envision Tryst becoming the ultimate area for escorts to promote, and clients to view and/or interact.

    While searching for my new home, it was nice knowing that most of the new ones were built by sex workers hehe x


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