Dick Pics

Okay, this is something that I just do not understand. What is it that compels some men to send pictures of their genitals to women? Seriously? Do these guys really think that is what women want to see when they open a text or an email?

And this isn’t even an issue exclusive to the CTS community. This is something that goes on throughout society. My young niece who is in the military has received “dick pics” from a dozen service men. She doesn’t want these pictures. And yet men send them. What is this all about?

Maybe it’s just me. I would never send a picture of my penis to anyone. Especially not unasked for. Don’t think I would send one if a lady asked either. Perhaps that is because I consider my penis to be wholly unremarkable. Perhaps the men who send them think their genitals are very special.

Or perhaps not.

Is this some primal behavior? Are these men trying to demonstrate their mating potential? Or is it some sort of dominance thing? I have no idea.

What I do know is that I have never once heard of a woman publicly stating that they enjoy receiving unsolicited “dick pics”. Not once. Maybe some ladies request these. If so, that is between the lady and the man. But unasked for? I don’t personally know any women—sex workers or otherwise—who would be happy about it.

So seriously guys, stop doing this. You might be sending a picture of your dick (or someone else’s( but all you manage to accomplish is looking like a asshole. If you are trying to prove something, I’ve got bad news for you. You’re failing. In fact, you’re getting laughed at.

There is nothing classy about sending such pictures. If a lady wants to see your pickle, she is going to invite you to come be with her so she can see it, touch it, and do whatever else she wants to with it. But she doesn’t want to see it until she is ready. So keep it in your pants until she asks for it.

Want to send her something? Try flowers or candy or a car payment. Those will go a lot farther in impressing her.


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One comment

  1. That appendage god put there was nothing more than a cruel joke. They look damn silly flaccid or erect. You might love your dicks, as you should, they give you those warm fuzzies. But they’re ugly, some look better that others but we are rarely impressed. Bigger isn’t always better either, some make me down right run…. fastest way to turn a lady off and get blocked is to send a dick pic.


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