Answering Questions: LGBTQ Contributor

The following was posted to our “Questions” page by someone identifying themselves only as “Not Telling”:


“I saw your post in switter looking for a LGBT writer for this blog and I wondered why. Why bother with the gay stuff? Seriously, why should you add that to your blog when its such a small part of the hobby? Sorry if I sound insensitive, but I’m sure tbe gays have their own blogs.”


Honestly, I’m not sure if “Not Telling” is representing a bigoted position or is just uncouth in how they write, but this does need to be addressed.

I have posted up a search for a new Contributor(s) to give some first-hand perspectives about the LGBTQ segment of the CTS community.  This is an area that I only have a passing knowledge of, mostly from news articles about some of the more tragic things that have happened.  I do know they were a segment of our community that has been very harshly affected by the disaster our FOSTA law.  But I know almost nothing about the community itself.  And since I desire this blog to eventually be able to be a resource and home for the entire CTS world, I figured it would be good to gain some perspective, and perhaps open up things the may be unknown to our readers.

I have no actual numbers, so I do not know what percentage of the CTS community falls under the LGBTQ spectrum, but I do know there are many thousand providers who identify as LGBTQ.  How many clients?  I doubt we will ever know, but it’s probably a very large number.  It is anything but a “small part of the hobby”.  I expect there are a lot more “straight” sex workers and clients, but tens of thousands (or far more?) of our community should not be ignored.  And I do know that there is plenty of cross-over between the groups.  I know of CTS clients who see both straight female sex workers AND trans-sexual/transgender sex workers.  And I know plenty of female sex workers who see both male and female cleints.  I’m sure there are male clients who see both female and male sex workers.  And so on, and so on. . .

The point is, we do not really represent two different and distinct communities.  We are part of the same community, just with different personalities and persuasions.  I feel that bringing in different perspectives to The ValleyScott Blog will be good for the overall community.  And good for the blog.

I do not wish to accuse “Not Telling” of being bigoted.  He or she may just not be good at expressing themselves.  But I disagree with the entire principle of their question.  As for the idea that “the gays” (that does sound a big bigoted) have their own blogs–I’m sure they do.  But that doesn’t in any way mean we can’t also share this space and share with one another.  “Separate but Equal” was an absolutley stupid policy when it came to race in this country.  And it’s also an equally stupid idea when it comes to Consensual Transactional Sex.



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