Answering Your Questions #7

We love your questions. Keep asking and we will keep answering. Now for round 7:
“If there was one thing in the industry you could change, what would it be?” — Sabrina Luv

This is a great question. And not an easy one to answer. Sure, when I first saw who asked it I wanted to reply: “Moving Sabrina closer to me so I can see her more often!” But I think Miss Luv was looking for a more thoughtful and in-depth response.

Our little community is far from perfect. Plenty of problems. But mostly it is a pretty great thing, this “industry” we participate in. In thinking about this question I came to the conclusion that a lot of things could be made better in the world of CTS if there was one change:


That is the one thing I wish I could change. Get rid of the criminal laws against Consensual Transactional Sex. This would do so much more than just make sex work legal. It would actually help correct many of the problems we face in our community.

Let me be clear, I do not want “legalization”. That would improve some things, but not all. That would end up causing a ton of regulation. Turn it into a legalized, regulated industry and before long we’re all going to be having sex in full body condoms. Massages done with surgical gloves on. Do you remember The Naked Gun 33 1/3:


No, I want decriminalization, not legalization. The removal of laws that prevent people from exchanging money or goods for sexual companionship. I want it to be my business who I engage in sex with, and if we want to exchange money for it, that should be our choice. This is the change I want.

Decriminalization would change a lot of things within our community. It would give a lot of freedom for sex workers to advertise and promote their business. It would allow for much more honesty in the community. It would improve safety by opening up lines of communication about dangerous clients or providers, or other situations. IT would give sex workers better ability to report crimes committed against them, since they would not need to fear being arrested. Same for clients who encounter bad sex workers.

It would lead to better overall behavior on the part of clients and workers, since the marketplace would be more open. It is difficult to predict what an open marketplace would do to rates, but it would certainly simplify the transactions in this business since everyone could be open about rates.

Overall, I think decriminalization would cause major, positive changes to the sex industry.

So that would be my change. And I think it’s a change that we should actually fight for.
“Do you actually see sex workers anymore? Or do you just write about it? You don’t talk about your recent experiences on this blog, so it makes me wonder if you are still an active hobbyist.” — Glen from Atlanta

Hello Glen from Atlanta (are you a The Walking Dead fan, by chance?). I do not use this blog to talk about my recent experiences with sex workers, or to review sex workers. That isn’t the purpose of this site. I am still an active hobbyist, but I am very restrictive about where I share those experiences and what I say. Discretion is an important part of the CTS world.

As this blog started to become more successful I did spend some time on the question of whether or not I should still partake of Consensual Transactional Sex. There was a thought that if I removed myself from it and became a “former client”, that it could help make this site more palatable to those outside the community. But that would also risk me losing my credibility WITHIN the CTS community. I decided that I was best served by remaining active.

I am not a super active client. I see very few women. Partly it is a budget issue—this can become a very expensive habit. But is is mostly due to being a very picky client. When I have the opportunity to play I want it to be really good. I have certain things that make me happy, and if I can’t find those things I just choose to be patient. As a result, I don’t play that often. And I don’t “kiss and tell” on The ValleyScott Blog.

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