Answering Your Questions #8

Keep those questions coming! We have not been receiving many lately, and we really want some!
“How come I cannot see the juicy details on your blog? What do I have to do to read all the juicy details?” — Sweet Tammy

Hello Miss Tammy. The “juicy details”. . . You’re not the only one to ask. I think there are some who assume that since this blog is about Consensual Transactional Sex, there would be more SEX in the blog. And that is not an unreasonable conclusion.

I have been considering bringing in some more “intimate” posts and such. But I’m not quite sure how I want to approach this. The ValleyScott Blog isn’t really a “sex blog” after all, it’s a blog about our CTS community. But sex is a rather important part of our community.

So you will be seeing more posts dealing with sex in the future on this website. But maybe not all the “juicy” details. For those, I will be starting a new website: VSB Private Studio. The Private Studio will be a members-only website. Gaining access to that site will involve becoming a financial supporter of The ValleyScott Blog. As little as a $1 a month contribution through my Patreon page will give anyone access (if they are 18 or older!). VSB Pritave Studio will have some very different content than this site. Might be what you’re looking for, Miss Tammy.

UPDATE: I decided not to continue with the “VSB PRivate Studio” project. It lacked interest or support.  As for “the juicy details”, well those just don’t often fit in with this blog these days.


“In your experience, are there certain ages that are “ sweet spots” for providers? Same question for clients? Maybe 25-35 for providers….45-55 for clients? If so, why?” — Ledbetter

I think there are certainly “sweet spots” when it comes to the age of providers. But those ages are definitely a matter of preference for each client. Different clients will have different desires and needs, so there cannot be any one absolute “sweet spot”.

I will say, that for me personally, the “sweet spot” is between 35 and 45. And I think that there are a lot of men out there who will also feel the same. Not everyone, but a lot.

I find that providers (and women in general) in this age range have a wonderful combination of youthful beauty, emotional maturity, sexual experience, and sensual connection. My All Time Favorite is in this age range. A number of other ladies that I really enjoy are also in this group. That isn’t to say that there are not plenty of amazing sex workers who are either younger or older than this. But it is the group where I find the most fulfillment.

As for clients, many ladies that I have talked to over the years prefer men who are over 40. Maturity, patience, financial stability, and sexual prowess being main factors. At the top of the age range, most seem to prefer men under 70. I think this is mostly due to the potential health problems older men can have. I sure that no sex worker wants to need to call 911 during a session because her client is having a heart attack!


“I recently found that that my husband has been seeing ‘sex workers’ for the last ten years. We’ve been married for 25 years. I admit that I have not been interested in sex since our third child was born. I didn’t want anymore kids, and frankly it just was never that enjoyable to me to begin with. I’m trying not to be too angry with my husband since I’ve always known he enjoys sex more than I do. I just want to understand. Why does he want to be with total strangers? Why take such risks? Wouldn’t an affair with one woman be safer and better than prostitutes? Any insight would be nice.” — Deborah, Oakland

Hello Deborah. First, let me thank you for approaching this issue with a lot of poise and dignity—not all wives would do so.
Why does your husband see sex workers? I don’t really know. Not truly. Because the “WHY” can be very different among men. There are any number of reasons. Why does he choose to see many different women instead of one? It could simply be a desire for variety. He may feel, that if he is going to do this, he might as well try as many different experiences as he can.

Why choose sex workers over and affair? The most likely reasons are that affairs are much more complicated and that affairs can actually be much more expensive to maintain. With sex workers, it is easy for there to be zero financial output when not seeing a lady. Nothing to maintain. See who you want and go home. Affairs are much more complicated. All of the expenses of a relationship are in play. Plus the emotional and relational ones. Including jealously. Sex workers don’t get jealous of wives, mistresses do. And that can become a real problem.

I wish that I could give you the real answers that you are looking for right now.  Honestly, your husband might not even be able to truly answer these questions.  I wish you the best in dealing with this situation.  I hope that you can find some insight from this reply and maybe from other things in this blog or others like it.  I hope you won’t judge our community harshly–we mean you no harm at all.


If you have questions for us at The ValleyScott Blog you can ask them on our Questions Page .  Or you can send an email or message me through social media.   Please keep sending in your questions.

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