Surprises in CTS: Accessability

So many things surprise me about the Consensual Transactional Sex Community, and one of those things is handicap accessibility.  The world at large mostly views us as sex-obsessed, superficial degenerates.  Oh, how wrong the world is.  And I suppose I get why they would be wrong.  They can so easily come to the conclusion that this is all about looks, money, and sex.  But it isn’t.

I was very surprised about how open so many sex workers are to providing their time and skills to those with disabilities.  I was not aware of this for many years of my own involvement in CTS.  But it has apparently been true for a long time.  Many, many wonderful sex workers have no problem at all in seeing clients who are “handicapped” or have some sort of disability.  I find this to be a beautiful thing.

My family has been part of the fight for rights, services, and inclusion for the disabled for over 70 years.  It is something I grew up with.  I’ve had many family members and friends who were or are disabled in some way.  To me, they are just part of my life, no different than anyone else.  But the world often views them as a burden–something to be ignored, pushed aside, or even done away with.

But wonderfully, there are many sex workers who do not agree.  They are more than willing to see clients who have physical difficulties.  They are happy to help these clients feel the pleasures of intamacy.  This is just an awesome thing to me.

I’ve even become aware of a few sex workers who consider themselves to be specialists in this area.  They like to seek out such clients.  They enjoy the challenges and the get real satisfaction from helping someone who might otherwise not be able to enjoy sexual pleasures.  Reaching out to the rejected is often a great reward.

The kinds of services offered and sought can range from the “formal” things that most CTS clients want, to more specialized services.  For many with serious physical impairments, just feeling the intimate touch of another person will bring great fulfillment.  Others might just need someone to talk to in an intimate way.  For some, it is visual stimulation that they seek.  Regardless of how the time is spent, the sex workers who do cater to the disabled often find their time with clients to be very important and special.

I have a good friend who is disabled.  I know that he has never been sexually intimate with a woman.  I’ve been on a multi-year quest to change this.  He is somewhat resistant to the idea of seeing a sex worker.  But frankly, it’s the only way he will ever enjoy such pleasure.  Women in the civialian world do not want to have anything to do with him romantically or sexually.  But I know there are sex workers who could give him some amazing experiences that would give him a sense of intamcy he has never felt.  Getting him to try it is the difficult part.  But I am grateful that once I can get him to do it, that there are many ladies who will be happy to make sure he has a wonderful time.

This is one of those things about our sub-culture of CTS that makes me view us as better than society as a whole.  We are far more accepting of people who are “different” than much of society is.  It’s too bad that society is so unwilling to accept us–they could really learn a lot from what we do.


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