Under The Influence


“Goodnight Switter people. You are all so beautiful and wonderful and special.
Some are more special, but you’re all special.
One of you is the most special, but that is because I love this one. She makes my heart very very very very happy! So she is most special to me.
But the rest of you are special too! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! You’re special and beautiful. At least the ladies are beautiful. I guess the guys are handsome, but I’m not gay so I could be wrong.

I posted this message on Switter last night (8/9/18). This is why I do not use drugs or drink alcohol when I am going to spend time with a lady. I kind of get silly and stupid.

I’ve always been grateful that I am not a “mean drunk” like my grandfather. If I get drunk or stoned or high I just tend to get a bit silly. Everything is funny to me. And I tend to get very silly in what I say. I lose a bit of control over myself. Last night I was under the influence of some strong painkillers. As a result, I posted some rather odd things online. I also sent some silly text messages to a couple of friends.

Thankfully, nothing I said or did was harmful to anyone. I incurred a little bit of embarrassment, and hopefully some people got a nice laugh out of it at my expense.

But it does bring up the larger issue of doing things while under the influence of medications, alcohol, or drugs. I lost some control of my critical thinking (and my spelling), but that is all. It can be a very different situation for others.

I do not play in CTS while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I just won’t. I won’t do it because I may very well not understand what I may or may not be agreeing to. I won’t do it because I could embarrass myself. I won’t do it, because there is a chance—however remote—that I could end up doing something that I should not, including violating a woman’s right to refuse to be with me. Intoxication can lead to rape, and I do not ever want to be a party to that.

These are the issues I think about when I hear people in our community talking about drinking or doing drugs before or during a session. I feel as though it has too much of a potential to cause trouble. I know that everyone is different, and that some are better than others at maintaining control of their mental faculties. But is it worth that chance? Is it worth the risks involved?

And for those who feel they cannot play without drugs or alcohol, I would say that I think you should reconsider playing this game at all. That goes for sex workers and clients alike. If you need booze or drugs to “loosen up”, then you have a real problem and should seek some help for it.

There are just too many dangers that people can expose themselves to through combining drug or alcohol use with CTS. Many of the stories that I’ve heard over the years about people being robbed, beaten, or raped have involved drugs and/or alcohol. That is not a coincidence.

The things we do with each other should be pleasurable enough that they do not require any chemical enhancements. If I can’t enjoy the company of lady while sober, then I need to re-evaluate what I am doing in the first place. And I think a lot of people need to do this.

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