August Update

Hello everyone! Wow, this has certainly been one wild ride over the last 4 months. The ValleyScott Blog has been active for just over 4 months time, and it has exceeded all of my initial expectations. In fact, it has become much more than I ever planned. Thanks to all of you who come to this site, who comment, who share, who ask questions, and who read the posts.

So let me give you some quick updates.

Page views:
When I first started the blog I got 12 page views the first day. I was stoked! We now average over 200 daily page views, and have had a one-day record of 985 views! Every week for the last 7 weeks has had at least 1,000 views—and most well over that—for an average of just over 1,500 a week. This is a ton of activity for a small website with no corporate backing, advertisement, or endorsement. In total, we have recorded well over 18,000 page views!

In the first week of the blog we had 20 visitors. Now that is less than our daily average. Our 30-day average is 47 visitors per day, with some days being far more. In total, we have had over 3,000 visitors to the website! And perhaps many more, since some of you use software that makes it hard for our hosting service to see you! (You are a tricky bunch when it comes to your privacy! Lol!)

I started this as a one-man operation. I figured I’d write some stuff and a few people would read it. More than a few read it, and now I have some help with creating content. I now have 5 additional contributors for the blog. Back in July we welcomed Miss Heather and Ms. Jeniveve to the blog, and this month has seen the additions of Miss Gia, Miss Eleanor, and Dr. B! While I am still eagerly awaiting new material from my new friends, I am excited by the opportunity to showcase different perspectives, especially with having two health care professionals as part of our team to discuss some very serious topics.

This is one area that we have not seen any change. As of today I only have two financial supporters. These two generous friends make it possible for me to have a domain name and hosting. This gives me a total of $18 a month with which to run this endeavor. Any other costs are out of pocket for me personally. Despite several contacts I have yet to secure any advertisers on the website either.

I am not complaining. While it would be amazing to be able to be fully supported and do this full time, but I accept that in reality, this is really a labor of love. And I do love doing this blog. I did not create this website as business opportunity, but as an avenue for communication and community. In that, I feel very successful. I would love to see an increase in finances. I would love to be able to do this full-time. That would be awesome. I need some new equipment so I can create better, higher-quality content. But for now, I soldier on with what I have.

Content & Design:
I am very new to doing this kind of thing. This is the first website I have ever built. Being responsible for all of the content and design of this site is an education for me. And so far, it has been a really good thing. I look forward to bringing new and differing content in the future. I am still working to fully establish what the “essence” of this website is, content-wise. I am looking at different ideas for the design and functionality of the site. So look for changes to to happen. I am always appreciative of feedback when it comes to content and design.

What’s Next:
Lots of stuff. I will be launching a companion site to this one in September. This will be a private, members-only website for those who support or contribute to The ValleyScott Blog. It will have bonus material and special content not found on the public site. Gaining access is simple, become a financial donor, advertiser, or significant supporter of the blog. This new site will be my way of rewarding those who help me make this site succeed.

I will also be starting to feature new content on the Blog. One of the first new things you’ll see soon are pages spotlighting people in our community. I just conducted my first official interview with a provider and will be editing that in the coming days. More reviews of websites are also in the works. And I’m going to be conducting some more live chats and videos on social media.

I may also be doing a few fundraising events or specials in hopes of getting the tools that I need. I am looking for some suggestions as to what I should do for these events.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions:
Please, my friends, don’t be strangers here. Ask questions, leave comments, and make suggestions. I do this blog for you, our community. So please be a part of it. Let me know what you are thinking. You can help make this blog better.


As always, thank you for being the best readers I could have ever hoped for.  This blog is for you.

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