Adventures in CTS: The Dog Napping

(No doggies were injured.)

You know, sometimes things just go sideways in the most strange of ways. And that’s when you really have to choose what kind of person you’re going to be.

Last week I took the long drive Bakersfield, California to interview my friend Sabrina Luv for the blog (editing the interview now!). In keeping with most aspects of my life, things did not go quite as planned. Most of that was trivial, but one part wasn’t. Instead of finishing out time together with one of Sabrina’s amazing FBSM sessions (some of which was going to be recorded, PG-13 version!), our time together ended with a car chase around Bakersfield to rescue her service dog, Nala.

I kid you not, I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

Now this might sound like the beginning of a humorous blog post, but it isn’t. Certainly, aspects of this story can be amusing in retrospect, but there was nothing funny on Thursday night.

While Sabrina and I were sitting down to our interview, her assistant was taking Nala to a groomer for a much needed hair cut and what should have been some puppy pampering. But things went bad after our interview concluded. Sabrina checked her messages for an update on her dog and found out that the groomer was demanding more money than was agreed upon. An argument ensued through text and phone calls. Then the groomer decided to take off with Nala instead of giving the dog to Sabrina’s assistant.

This is, as they say, when things got interesting.

I want to make it clear, Nala is not a “pet” dog. She is a service animal. She is trained to alert Sabrina when she needs to take medication. Dogs can smell when our bio-chemistry is out of balance and can be trained to alert people BEFORE any symptoms occur. This can prevent serious issues from happening, including death with some medical conditions. Nala has a job to do, and she does it well.

So let me set the rest of the stage for you. I am with Sabrina at her studio. Her assistant is elsewhere in town trying to get Nala, while using Sabrina’s car. And then the groomer decides to be a real bitch and drive off with Nala in her car.

What ensued was a confused car chase all over Bakersfield. At first it was Sabrina’s assistant following the groomer. Then some family got involved. Sabrina then asks me to drive her to meet up with her assistant.

This is where I have a choice. I can get involved. Or I can say no. Honestly, I could easily say that none of this was my problem and didn’t involve me. I could have walked away. But that just isn’t my way.

So off we went.

I will spare you the play-by-play, but I will tell you that as the minutes passed and we cannot find anyone, things started to get damn scary. The stress that Sabrina was under was electric. She was in a panic. We cannot find anyone. Communication is being missed. Sabrina is on the phone with the police and with family. It is a real mess. I am completely lost, not knowing where the hell I am in a strange city. Luckily, despite her stress, Sabrina was able to keep pointing me in the right direction.

Finally, we spot the groomer’s car and follow them. I must admit, I am freaked out at this point. Sabrina is shaking so bad my car is rocking as it goes down the road. Finally we end up at a red light. Against my advise, Sabrina jumps out and gets in front of the groomers car, blocking them from running away anymore.

To make a long, stressful story short—the cops finally catch up with all of us. And are of absolutely no help (other than keeping the groomer from taking off again)! Bakersfield’s finest.

At this point, I am watching my friend having a complete breakdown, with no end to this conflict in sight. Sabrina wants the cops to help her get Nala back. These people have broken multiple civil and criminal laws at this point, but the cops are not helping. So I pay the ridiculous fee the groomer wanted. I can say, that if the cops were not there, I don’t think the groomer would have taken the money. She wanted more. She was trying to extort Sabrina for more. But in the end, they took the money and gave me Nala. I got Nala into Sabrina’s arms as quickly as possible.

At the end of the day, this may all seem rather insane and ridiculous. And it was. A greedy groomer who refused to honor her own rates made a bad situation worse. And it led to one of those incidents that we all laugh at when we see it on television shows like “COPS”. But this wasn’t on TV. I was there, in the car with my friend. I heard the panic in her voice. I watched her shaking so badly that I thought she would injure herself. I had to see her standing in front of a car in a busy street, waiting for help.

I made a choice. I helped my friend. That is what friends do. That is what being part of a community is all about. We stand for one another. We hold each other up. We do what needs to be done.

Obviously, this is a far different story and topic than what I usually post on The ValleyScott Blog. But this is life. And sometimes our little game of Consensual Transactional Sex intersects with real life in some odd ways. How we respond to that is a real test of our character. The choices we make define us in life. At the end of the day, I am sure I did the right thing. When I saw Sabrina holding Nala, saw how that little white dog could calm my friend, I knew that everything I did was the right thing to do.

Society might look down on us. The world might see us a perverts and degenerates. But we are real people. This is life. This is our world.


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