Answering Your Questions #9

Round #9.  We haven’t been getting many questions lately.  We love these, so please submit your questions.


“Does it ever just weird, having sex with different women all the time? How many different women do you ‘date’ each year?” — “New To This”

I know that for many men who participate in CTS, having sex with as many different women as they can is the GOAL.  It isn’t weird for them at all.  It excites them.  For me, I have to admit that it can be a bit odd at times.  There are times that–after the fact–I feel a little disappointed with myself.  This is why I prefer to see very few ladies, but see them repeatedly.  It works better for me.  I feel a better connection.  And the connection and intimacy are very important aspects for me.  I once heard it referred to as “friends with paid benefits”.  I like that concept.

As to how many ladies I see in a year, it can really vary.  I don’t keep track, but I had one year where the it was probably around 100 different women.  This year, I think I have only seen 6 different women.  But I’ve been sidelined with some health issues.


“Why don’t you have more explicit stories on this blog? I’d love to read about actual fucking.” — Randy, Portland

This isn’t that kind of website.  When I first started it, I thought about having a lot of stories of my own sexual adventures, but then our world changed.  So I decided to make this blog about the community and the issues we deal with.  So no explicit stories.  I will be writing some of those on my “Members Only” site that launches next month.  But The ValleyScott Blog won’t be featuring those kinds of posts.

[Edit: I am longer creating a “Members Only” website.]


Do sex workers give you discount so that you’ll talk about them?” — psylkr

Nope.  And I don’t ask.


“When will you be posting your interview with Sabrina Luv?” — multiple people

Soon.  I am new to working with video as a medium, so the process has been a bit slow for me.  Plus overcoming a few small technical hurdles.  But I am working on it.  I don’t have a date set, but it likely be in the next week.  I’m glad so many people are looking forward to it.  I think you’re all going to love her.

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