An Open Letter to Private Delights, from Miss Sabrina Luv

To: PrivateDelights . . .

What Are They Trying To Charge?
I Mean If It’s The Same Amount That NS Was Charging, Then All I Need To Say Is “Roll Over Bumps!!” Pretty Sure This Feature Will Be Included In This Member Fee.
That’s Bull!!! We Lost Our Bumps For Advertisement, If We Didn’t End Up Using Them All.

NS Was Charging $45 VIP Member Fee.. ugh

For What? The Gentle-Men Who Had VIP Status Were Just Paying $20 For There Acct. But Also Getting VIP Prices… Yeah.. I’m Good!

Discount For Discount.

Lucky… Fellas!!! Not Paying Anymore Than $25.

I Mean We Also Got To Be Realistic Here Ladies..

I am Certain It’s Not Easy Maintaining a Site & With All The Security & Work They Put In. It’s Understandable How Now They Want To Charge A Member Fee.

But Fair Is Fair, Right!

Unless PD Gives Us Ladies Better Security, Like NS Did, Also More Features To Accommodate Us & A Fair Member Fee, Then It’s All Fair & We Can All Be Happy.

But If They Cant Be Fair And Expect To Charge Us An Insane Fee—Nah….

Anyone Has Access Even If They Don’t Have an Acct ,Free Access Without An Acct To Those Who Didn’t Sign Up Are Still Able To Get Our Contact.. That’s crazy.

Then PD Need To Make Their Security Level More Secure For Us Providers.. I Mean Really at Least on NS People Weren’t Able to See Our Contact # If They Didn’t Sign Up.

Here Anyone Who Were Not A Member With PD Can View The Site Without..

They Should Really Think About The Insane Disrespectful Traffic Us Ladies Are Receiving Before Thinking of Charging So Much Money.

I Wont Pay Either, Not Gonna Happen!

They Want Money Now—

Then Make Us Feel Safe PD, Give Us Reason To Make Your Site Valueable.
PD Needs To Compensate Us With Something Well Worth It!
Sabrina Luv
Muah 💋


  1. Before that site went live I spoke at length with one of the site owners and I decided then that I wouldn’t be signing up. They had grandois ideas and no map to get there. They made promises with no plan to know how they were gonna keep them. They Were less than informed on the provider side of things. Knowing they didn’t have any provider input was a turn off. They claimed client screening but had no idea what provider screening was. They did employment verification. No blacklist checks or sex offender registry or criminal court records, no phone number check, nothing us ladies check. He was fairly clueless about it all. They werent going to do any age verification until I told them how to. They boasted permanent reviews with no option for removal, a HUGE fuck that for me. And they said ladies could opt out of reviews at any time, that turned out to be a lie. Fake reviews are rampant on sites that are client favored, especially if they offer free access for reviews. Many times it’s in retaliation of a provider they don’t like and want to cause her harm. Another nope for me.

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  2. well damn, Lettuce Meat lol. oh yeah, the ‘opt out’ option for reviews was a lie. i heard about that one. yikes! then again, other websites/businesses will lie about things too.
    harmful reviews aren’t permanent tho. a situation happened when personal info in a review was posted. It was quickly taken down along with new moderation to prevent future toxic reviews. there’s also a new ‘Flag Review’ feature too. PD also lets providers reply to their reviews, and I really like that only the provider can comment/reply to their review as well. it’s refreshing to see the provider’s voice on one aspect that’s client dominated. just sayin’
    i’m not surprised that the owners didn’t know a lot about provider screening. the voice on their blog tells me that they were probably former clients from the now defunct NightShift. I see PD more from the client’s perspective. Clients can use PD to look up a provider, read their reviews, check out their ‘No’ list, etc.

    Benefits for the provider include the provider only chat, a ‘Verified Provider’ profile badge, bump listings to the top, an ‘Available Now’ option that lasts for 4 hours, reply to their reviews, post multiple listings in different cities, and as an additional screening tool. clients can send their profile info (email & phone number) to providers with the ‘Get Screened’ option. providers can also view a client’s written reviews, primarily the provider’s reply to their reviews can help. it can prove that the review is real, the encounter happened, and it was not imagined by the client. again, PD can be used as one screening tool along with other provider screening methods. PD has potential, but we’ll see the outcome once payments start…

    Besides P411, another platform that also verifies their client members via legal identification is GFEDating. They also have a blacklist and a personal ‘no’ list of clients that you personally wouldn’t see (and only you can see this personal list as well). It’s also free to advertise on there now. 🙂


  3. Yes, it was modeled after nightshift where I was a user. I was even in talks with them about their screening of clients and warned against giving providers a false sense of security by making such a claim and suggested they used a provider to do the screening of clients for the site so providers could take comfort I. The fact it was a proper screening. We spoke in depth, I know where they set up their business and who had technical ownership of the site and what country it was in. Some ideas they implemented were at my suggestion.. I did see what was attractive about it as that was an aspect I really liked with nightshift and being able to comment on reviews. It was the behind the scenes aspects that I was not comfortable with so I decided to take a sit back and wait and see approach to it. I’m happy to see that it did gain popularity and they’re enjoying some successes. It’s not easy to run a site.


  4. I agree, PD Screening is not at all safe for any provider. If anyone who was able to view a lady’s Bio, Able To view all she has listed about herself with out being a member.

    Then we might as well just head to the New & post everything there.
    We”re use to going to these type of sites for security,
    I mean at least NS you had to sign up and if wanted her contact number or read her reviews.

    It was possible by being a Member A”Free member” or being a “VIP Member” either way they had to sign u. This is security for us ladies. I had this Gentle-Man contact me the night before.

    We were having Problems screening him, he enter all his information I clicked on his handle name, but no profile came
    I asked him to send me the link to his profile when he logged into his acct.
    Thats when he told me, he doesn’t have an acct.
    So he literally was able to use the screening without actually having an acct, isn’t that the purpose of screening. He had no acct. Then the screening page is suppose to be for the providers eye’s. After a couple of days, they end up getting deleted. we should be able to save the handle information for our feature reference at least the name n “X” out the first 3 digits as NS use to do.
    Well NS Charged us providers a fee there were 2 paying member access $30 & $45 for VIP.
    But even still the Gentle-Men also paid a fee.

    I don’t see this Fee that plan in charging us going to go down as many as there are provider who are still finding out about PD id about, PD should start charging the new comers, just to test the waters.

    Leave us provider that have already build there credential still active, any new provider signing up, PD should Quote them these new member fees. Maybe this is what they need to see … Reality!!!

    Let’s see how many new providers would want to actually sign up.. I never expected this site to be free. Eventually they would need funds to enhance & Update the site. Everything thats new need to grow & needs updating,

    Nothing Is Free!!
    But there is no way in the world that can even start off with high prices. EM once was a free site as well regardless of the reputation of being a shity website.

    But even now that they started Charging Members Fees, is not even close to what a PD is trying to charge.
    Well we all just need to see where we will all end you with.
    Sabrina Luv


  5. PD imho is just another NS except poorly ran. If you don’t kiss their mods butts they will lock you out of chat. They never asked if I wanted to allow reviews (which I don’t). I have figured out that they way they are deciding when each escort should start paying isn’t after 2 weeks like Rahab said, it is solely based on number of reviews one gets. I have been active for well over 1 month and unfortunately one review did slip through, this isn’t enough for them to send price memo to me. Instead my message has changed. To posting ads are free for now. I know if I were to have at least 5 reviews I would be sent the pay now memo. It’s a little too cliche for me. I don’t have time for their lies and drama. I do better on other sites. Some I pay for and some are free.


    • There is a site named MR. I’ve been communicating with one of the host about actually adding FBSM since their site does state massage .

      Read her story you can see and feel the honesty on her story
      As soon as you ad a profile your city logs it’s self right in .

      Her prices are nothing from what I see PD is asking . Doesn’t hurt checking it out .
      Sabrina Luv


    • If you think the reviews on PD are fake, do you flag it? Is there a provider response? If her account isn’t verified the reviews are hidden. If she replied with something nice it’s very likely it’s true and not fake. Provides don’t like fake reviews as typically fake reviews boast about services we don’t provide and don’t want to give prospective clients the wrong idea. Most often fake reviews are left so clients gain free user access to review sites. Since PD doesn’t offer a review incentive is doubtful there are any fake reviews.
      Why do you say they are fake?

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      • There are some fake reviews on PD. I know of at least one provider who was banned from PD for posting fake reviews about herself. Oops!

        But, the majority of the reviews on PD are “real”. Are they reliable? Well that’s a whole other subject. When assessing the value of any reviews it’s a good idea to compare them to other reviews of that provider and to examine all the reviews posted by the reviewer.

        Overall, if a Sex Worker has a lot of good reviews, it means that she/he is really that good.

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      • drinking game!
        taking a shot everytime you say, ‘fake review’.
        “Why do you say they are fake?” prolly cause they’re not explicit enough to his liking 😛


    • Even if the reviews are fake. How do you expect they got there. Really? What do you think or assume. For 1. If a review is fake then It must be her writing them. I doubt that some hobbyist would put his name out on the line for a fake review. Plus reviews have to be verified by the provider. Also if she is writing fake reviews , then, Ill tell you this much..
      Make a complain to PD, let them know what you are suspecting and they will run an IP check to match her IP, if any reviews that have been written are being added to her profile or if she is writing them they will band her and delete her acct.

      If a hobbyist is using fake handle names to write her reviews his IP address will also be duplicated more than once. So its pretty hard for anyone of these ways were to happen.

      Even tho PD band my acct over faulse information and did not give me the opportunity to defend my side, I still send clients to the site . Because it’s safe. all females do have to verify them selves. if a female is not yet verified her acct wont be listed. All providers have to verify themselves before they acct shows as active.
      Sabrina Luv


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