Off Limits

Off Limits

There are some lines which should never be crossed.


On the now defunct website NightShift I made a bit of a name for myself by promoting that men should behave in a gentlemanly manner. I signed all my posts with a personal motto: “Always a gentleman”. Not everyone liked that. Some people were very vocal in their negative opinion of my position. That was fine. Free speech means that some people will say things you don’t like.

But some things should never be said.


Lines should not be crossed.

One of those lines has to do with children.

No man should ever make sexual statements about children. Period. To do so is simply disgusting. And to make comments about a a girl to that girl’s mother is about as far from being a gentleman as someone can get. That kind of behavior is not acceptable in any way.

And yet it happens.

It is so hard for me to fathom, but to know that there are men who would ask a woman how much she’d charge to let them have sex with her teenage daughter is frighteningly obscene. The fact that the mother is a sex worker in no way excuses such behavior. It is disrespectful to an extreme.

As I write this I am angry. I am angry because this isn’t some hypothetical issue. This is happening today. There are men out there right now who think it is alright to talk to women like this. To talk about girls like this. Unacceptable.

Like I said, I feel strongly that men involved in CTS should behave as gentlemen. I may not include the “Always a gentleman” line in my writing anymore, but it is a motto that I live by. It is a reminder to me of how I need to behave.

And I continue to believe that all men in CTS should also treat ALL sex workers with respect and dignity. We men NEED to act as gentlemen.

If you are a man and disagree, please do me the courtesy of leaving my blog. I don’t need disrespectful scum bag shit heads as readers. That is how I feel about men who disrespect women.

If you are the kind of man who thinks its funny or acceptable to treat women badly—and especially to talk nasty about a woman’s daughter—get the fuck off my website. And don’t come anywhere near me. Ever. I do try to always be a gentleman, but there are some men who push me too far. And trust me, those men do not want to see what happens when I stop being a gentleman.

Women should be respected. Always. Sex workers are no different. Just because a woman has chosen to be a part of this world in no way means she has surrendered her right to be respected.

“Always a gentleman”

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