A Little Warning Would Be Nice

Some cities do not have a lot of active, advertising se workers. Areas can often lack what might be described as “quality” providers. Thankfully there are plenty of providers who like to travel and tour. You ladies who do this are real blessing to the clients who live in such places.

But there is a problem.

Too many—far, far too many—providers who travel do not give notice.

Seriously ladies, if you’re coming to town, a last-minute notice is just not enough. A little warning would be nice.

For certain, not all providers are guilty of this. I see many ladies who do an excellent job of announcing their travel schedule. Most of these ladies work towards getting as many pre-bookings as they can. A very sensible business approach.

But too often I go online and see a posting that a provider is coming to my city on that day, without any warning. And these are often ladies that I want to meet. But I can’t. Not with my life. It is very difficult for me to try and make a same-day appointment. It just doesn’t work.

Just as providers have to juggle working regular jobs, family, schooling, and other activities in order to see clients, clients have to do their own juggling acts. And when you ladies throw your enticing selves into the mix, we men can end up dropping a few balls—so to speak.

For many of us, getting to see a provider involves more than arranging a time. We need to come up with an alibi, secure the proper funding, make sure other life needs are covered, and still be in a position to show up dean, groomed, and ready to play. This can take a lot of work. At times I really envy the single guys who have no obligations but themselves!

For me personally, getting the time to see a lady can be very complicated. But I feel it is worth it. This is something that I truly enjoy and that fulfills a certain need in my life. But I need time to make it happen.

So give us a warning. I know that sometimes a lady might just end up making a trip she didn’t expect, so she tries to make it worthwhile. Totally understandable. But very often I see ladies online who are not really planning things out. They just seem to go where the wind blows. I often see providers posting on social media asking “What city should I go to today?” That is just not good planning, especially from a business perspective.

I have too often missed opportunities to see providers that I really desire to see because I do not know they are coming to town until they get here. I can’t make it happen, and I am not the only one. And to make matters worse, the following day many of these ladies will post online about not getting any clients in my city. They are frustrated, but so are the clients who never really had a chance.

So ladies, please do a little more planning. Let people know in advance when you are traveling. Give potential clients some warning. It’s good for us and it’s good for you. We want to see you.


  1. Oh so true VS. I’m a planner. usually have plans 1 – 2 weeks in advance. So may ladies show up out of nowhere or even reveal their schedule just a few days in advance. That never works for me.


  2. Glad to read I’m not the only one annoyed by this. The problem with prebooking in my experience is that it leaves me vulnerable to being ghosted/bumped if higher roller wants that time last minute. Of course I don’t know if that’s what happens but that’s what I suspect happens when getting ghosted.


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