Manscaping: the act of a man grooming his pubic hair.

As I have recently discovered, this is no easy feat.

I have never previously been a partaken in the art of manscaping. It’s just something I have never bothered with. And it has never been an issue. But in the last year I have seen many comments from ladies online regarding their preference for men who shave their balls. Far too many comments to ignore. Especially since many of these comments came from women that I desire.

So the time finally came this summer. The time to shave.

I have a new appreciation for the effort that ladies put into staying clean shaven in their nether regions. It’s not easy to shave where you can’t see! And you certainly don’t want a cut down there!

I’ve been shaving my face (or parts of it) for about 3 decades. That is easy. Especially since I like to keep a beard. Shave my cheeks, shave my neck, done in 3 minutes. No sweat. Shaving my balls? Now that was a trick.

This may be too much information for some people, but heck, I like to share.

I’ve found that shaving in the shower is easiest for me. Tried doing it at the sink, but the mirror was no help (no good angle to see anything), and I ended up with a mess on the towel I put on the floor. So I tried the shower. Much easier. Especially rinsing off.

So, why go through this?


Turns out, there are a lot of ladies that like a pair of smooth balls. This really shouldn’t be a surprise, considering how many men prefer a lady who shaves down below. I do. Especially for oral sex. I don’t care for going down on a hairy lady. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that women might feel the same way about men.

And it kinda feels nice. At least to me. Odd at first, but nice. Gets a bit prickly when it starts growing, so maintaining it is important. First time I did it, 3 days later it felt like I was waking around with a couple of cactus balls in my shorts! That wasn’t too comfortable. Upkeep is a good idea.

And it’s cooler. It feels cooler in my crotch on a hot day. Not sure if this is real, or just a perception. But I feel less sweaty and hot. This makes a big difference when you live in a place where it routinely passes 100 degrees during the summer. Anything that makes you feel cooler is a good thing!


The biggest drawback I see is the risk of injury. Nobody wants to slice their balls with a razor. But this risk isn’t too great. Use a good razor, plenty of shaving cream or soap for a good lather, and go slow and careful. Risks mitigated.

The other drawback to starting to do it is explaining it to a significant other. Not something I’ve had to worry about personally, but I’m sure other men have had to come up with a reason. “Trying something different” is one explanation, though it might beg the question of why. And after a while, chances are any “SO” will just accept the change.

Other than that, I don’t see much in the way of drawbacks to manscaping.

One comment

  1. I started last year doing it. The ladies do appreciate. One of the ladies helped me clean it and we had a good time doing so


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