Review: IndiBoard Remixed

Review: IndiBoard Remixed
IndiBoard Remixed is a forum and advertising website that is focused on the Consensual Transactional Sex community in Florida. The site has been around for quite some time now, and continues to operate despite the threat of FOSTA.

The operators of this site have chosen to remain focused on their specific region. As a result, this site has little value outside of Florida. But that does not mean that the site is not good. Within Florida, I feel that this site would be highly valuable to providers and clients alike.

The site has both forums and listings & profiles of providers. As such it is a good choice for those interested in the Florida CTS scene. Anyone living or traveling to Florida would do well to be involved on this site.

IndiBoard Remixed offers both free and paid memberships. As I did not wish to invest in a paid membership I was unable to see all of the features of this site. They were offering a special on membership sign-ups at a discounted rate, though that sees to be ending. I expect that like most businesses in any market, discounts will likely be offered again in the future. It would probably be a good investment for anyone who plans to play or work extensively in Florida to opt for a paid membership.

I cannot comment concerning the leadership and ownership of the website as I was unable to find out much information. The fact that the site has been up for over a decade is somewhat reassuring, at least in terms of consistency.

Overall, I think this could be a valuable regional website.

Grade: B+


  1. According to a friend

    I’m on Indie and can say it’s great once you pay for membership. All the girls who advertise offer good discounts for VIPs (paid memberships). Pretty freaking awesome if you got a thing for latinas as you will find from all regions including Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia etc. IMHO the best girls are from agencies.

    Finally, given that is South Florida you better know some Spanish if you want to make deeper connection with the girls as they only warm up to you if you can speak fluent Spanish.

    Rumor has it that owners are well connected and that partly explains the lack of outage during FOSTA.


    • “Rumor has it that owners are well connected and that partly explains the lack of outage during FOSTA”

      1 year later… it’s gone & seized by the Feds now



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