That TIme of the Month–for Clients

It’s “that” time of the month for me. No, I’m a man, so I’m not on my period. I’m not talking about menstruation in this post. No, today we are going to look at that terrible time of the month when clients. . . Are broke.

This happens to a lot of men towards the end of the month. There is just no money to play. It is a very frustrating thing for a man. It is just as bad as erectile dysfunction, but at least there is a little blue pill that can help with that particular problem. There is no pill that will put make a man’s wallet expand for four hours.

It is not anything to be ashamed about guys. We’ve all gone through it. You used up all your extra money. But now it’s the end of the month and you’re horny. But you can’t afford to see any of the great ladies you know. And to make matters worse, this always seems to be when that one gorgeous lady you’ve been following online decides to visit your city.

An empty wallet is a tough thing for a client to bear. You go online and see all these amazing women. You know that you would have an amazing time with them. They are so sexy and beautiful. And oh, so skilled at what they do. And all that separates you from them is a few pieces of green paper. Paper you don’t have.

A smart hobbyist has to play by a budget. Otherwise you get yourself in a lot of trouble. I speak from experience. Before I learned to stick to a strict budget, I’d just tap into my savings whenever I wanted. Before I realized what I was doing, my savings had been reduced by about 50%. It took a long time to build that back up. So now I have a budget for my fun with ladies. Some months I don’t use it all. But most months, there is little or nothing left in the last week. Some months I go through my whole budget in the first week! That just leads to three weeks worth of blue balls that online porn just does not satisfy.

It also has become apparent to me that the longer I am broke at the end of a month, the quicker I can become broke again the next month. I am working to learn to pace myself so that my play money can last longer, but it isn’t easy. So this condition often repeats every month, for long periods of time. I once went through this same scenario ever month for a year, often being broke again before the 15th of each month. Self-control was lacking a bit on my part.

And this terrible condition does not only affect the clients. With many clients suffering from empty wallets at the end of the month, the flow of money to the providers slows way down. Broke clients hurt providers.

And there really is no cure. Not for the overall problem. Budgets are budgets. I only have so much money coming in to my bank account each month.

Now, I do suggest that ever client have at least one, if not two “Emergency” funds. I have a special “Emergency ATF Fund”. This is an envelope with enough money to cover one session with my All Time Favorite lady, in case she comes to town when I am otherwise broke. I will only use this for her. I’ve also been working to build up an “Emergency Traveling Lady Fund”, just in case some amazing lady travels to my town on short notice. But that one is still getting up to size—right now it probably could not cover a quality session with a quality lady.

This is a difficult time of the month for me. I’m horny. There is just little I can do about it. I’ve never been too lucky when it comes to “picking up” women at bars or clubs. Just not that kind of guy, I guess. So I will likely be spending the rest of the month alone. Just me and the old internet to alleviate my blue balls.

Ladies, I am sorry that many of us guys are out of action right now. We’ve done what we can for the month, but now we are broke. We look forward to playing with you next month. And I’m sure you’ll be happy to help us blow our budgets once again. Until then, we’ll be thinking of you.

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  1. True we all been there. Multiple streams of income is the answer. It’s not like I’ve figured it out but I’m actively looking for opportunities. Ideally I would like to have a separate stream of income that is able to fund my play time all by itself.


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