Share Your Thoughts

Please share what you are thinking.  I mean it.  I want to hear from you.  All of you.

Two ways for you to share your thoughts:


If there is one thing that has disappointed me about my site is the relatively small number of comments.  Surely people have thoughts about what they read.  Yet most on my posts have zero comments.  I KNOW you have opinions.  Share them.  Agree with me?  Talk about it.  DIsagree with me?  Tell my why.  Have a similar experience?  Share it!

A site like this one is best when people interact with it.  Post your thoughts on the topics I write about.  Reply to other people’s comments.  The free exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences is that Freedom of Speech is all about.  Be a part of it.


You can contribute to The ValleyScott Blog.  I welcome the opinions of others and would be glad to publish your thoughts.  Write a “Letter to the Blog”.  Just like how newspapers publish “Letters to the Editor”, I am more than happy to publish your opinions.  You can submit your letter via email at:

  • To get your letter published just follow these rules:
  • No racist language (unless you are needing to quote someone else for the purposes of your letter).
  • No advocating for sex with minors, trafficking victims, or animals.
  • No advocating rape or other forms of sexual assault.
  • All letters must be decently written and readable. (You don’t have to be a great writer, but people do need to be able to understand you.)

You are more than welcome to offer opinions that are different than mine.  I welcome a healthy debate and different opinions.  I am not always right and I belive our community benefits from differing perspectives.


I want everyone who comes to this blog to feel welcome to share their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives.  This will make my site better and be good for our community as a whole.


One comment

  1. Good morning,

    I have many times thought about responding. I didn’t realize how easy it was. But here is just a brief reply. Because it sounds like you’re feeling lonely over there, and would like some interaction. Verbally. Not sexually LOL. Though I’m sure that works well too. I’ve been following you since the beginning and when time permits I post your blogs on Switter . I can only guess that this is the one of the reasons for your tremendous success. Well I’ve got a run. Please excuse any grammatical errors. As I did this voice to text. I need to jump in the shower, and get on with my day. Wishing you the very best 🙏🏼💙

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