6 Months!!!!!!

On April 9th I published my first post on The ValleyScott Blog, (insert link to FOSTA 1), with very little expectation of what was to come. That first post was viewed just 4 times that day, a rather inauspicious start. But, in truth, I was creating this blog more as a place to just put my thoughts than an attempt to create something of any scope or importance.

Since that first day, 6 months ago, things have certainly changed. On that first day I have 5 visitors with a total of 12 page views. As of posting this The ValleyScott Blog has seen 5,205 visitors and 30,552 total views! These numbers are quite humbling to me. I had expected only a fraction of this.

Over the past 183 days I have published posts about legal issues, STD’s, sexual safety, humorous incidents, and many other topics. I have had the chance to interview an amazing lady and share her story with all of you. I have been able to use this blog to engage in informed debate about serious issues. And, I hope, I have been able to help our community.

No one can predict the future, so I have no idea what is in story for The ValleyScott Blog. There are many things I desire to do with this website, some of which may happen soon and others which might never come to pass. But I intend to stay the course. I plan to continue to bring you more and more posts that are informative, thought-provoking, funny, or sad. I hope that you have enjoyed this website so far, and I intend to make this a site that you—my readers—will wish to come to often.

Thank you all for your support and for reading. You are the best readers a blogger could hope for.

By the numbers:

Days active: 183
Posts (ValleyScott): 94
Posts (other authors): 5

Total Views: 30,552
Most viewed content: “Spotlight: Sabrina Luv” 411 views

Total visitors: 5,205

Likes: 51
Comments: 135

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