Review: TNA Board

Review: TNA Board
TNA Board is a national website with forums, provider listings, and reviews. Overall, this site seems to offer many of the things that a good portion of hobbyists want in a site. Forums for discussion, listings and advertising for finding providers, and reviews to help select the best possible ladies. Additionally, the fact that the site has a broad area of coverage means that it is potentially useful to a larger audience than the more regional websites.

In using this site, I found that it is not particularly user friendly. It has a large amount of advertising for other websites and businesses, the forums are a bit cumbersome to use, and searching for ladies has led to some uneven results.

I am a big fan of forums and open discussions, but so far have found the discussions on TNA Board. . . Unfulfilling. The format is not very user-friendly and I experienced numerous errors when trying to post or edit. I feel that simple is best when it comes to discussion formats.

The advertising on the site is a bit distracting. I understand that they are using advertising to fund the site, something that The ValleyScott Blog is attempting to do as well. But the advertising on TNA Board can be very graphic, making the site unusable in mixed company (other discussion forums I have used in the past were very clean looking which allowed me to go online in public, something I am not comfortable doing with TNA Board).

So far, searching for providers on the site has yielded some very uneven results. In some areas I have found many quality listings, some for ladies I already know of and some ladies that I am unfamiliar with. But in other areas the results have been quite anemic, often listing very few providers. I expect this comes down to how well know—or not known—the site is within those areas. When it comes to searching for companionship, this makes TNA Board a bit hit and miss depending on the city. This could be remedied if the site becomes more active in more cities.

The reviews I read were generally useful, though lacking in a lot of detail. But they did serve to confirm, to some degree, the legitimacy of the reviewed provider (which is the main purpose of reviews to begin with). I have not left any reviews on this site at this time because none of the ladies I have seen recently are members of TNA Board.

Overall, TNA Board is not a bad site. It offers a bit of everything to it’s users. I didn’t find the format or user interfaces on the site to be to my personal liking, though I expect that other people may find them more favorable than I do. This site does have plenty of potential for growth, and it may be very useful to users right now, depending on where they are. Not a great site, but by no means a bad one either. With more members in more areas it could potentially become a highly used website for our community.

Overall Grade: B-


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  1. “to confirm, to some degree, the legitimacy of the reviewed provider (which is the main purpose of reviews to begin with)” —

    Sorry, that’s only half of the main purpose. In a tiny market with just one or two providers, that’s all that is needed. But in a larger market like LA or SF or SJ, there is the similarly important purpose: Choice.

    In these areas we clients have to choose among many providers, and reviews are the only power tool for choosing who to contact. Choose, indeed, which providers to check for legitimacy (because if I don’t choose to contact her, her legitimacy or otherwise is of little concern).

    For the legitimacy check purpose, content-free reviews of the pattern “Yes I saw her, she was on time, I liked her, she did what I wanted” are sufficient.

    For the choice purpose, those are useless. You liked her but I might not; why? What you wanted might not be what I want; what was it? And so on. Details, man!

    This is something that the providers do not realize about reviews because choice is not a major issue for them. We choose, they check/screen and accept or reject. It’s easy for providers to argue that reviews should be restricted, just enough to check them out, since checking clients is such a vital part of their business process but choosing clients is not. A provider in such high demand that she is choosing among clients would use other means to choose, anyway, as there are no “client review sites” (I’m pretty sure…).

    So providers, and those speaking for them, often overlook the importance of choice, and thus of review details. It’s just built in to the disparate viewpoints of a prospective client and a prospective provider.

    There is another reason a provider would hate and fear detailed reviews, too: she is unable or unwilling to earn good ones. From what I’ve seen, good reviews naturally follow decent professional communications and service. So the review haters are the ones I avoid (my choice), as long as there are some informative reviews fo others.

    There are, unfortunately, the occasional attack reviews. They do not deter those of us who read and consider detailed reviews. They would be devastating in a context lacking in review details, however. All the more reason for encouraging fully informative reviews, if you are a good provider!

    Hmm. Looks like this has evolved into an essay on reviews. Maybe we should extract it as a VSBlog posting? Anyway, I just couldn’t let that passing remark about “the main purpose of reviews” pass unremarked.

    Thank you for providing this forum. I look forward to more good content.


    • Thank you for commenting, Valida.

      While the information provided within reviews can be very useful in helping clients make decisions about which sex workers they wish to see, I consider that secondary to knowledge that a provider is legitimate. Knowing that a sex worker is real provides the most important thing that anyone in this community can have–a sense of safety and security.

      Reviews can be great at helping to make choices, but they can also be very misleading and–at times–almost useless. The issue of how truthful reviews are has been argued to death on more than one forum. To me, the more relevant point about the content of any review is that they are entirely subjective. Even an accounting of activities can be less than useful since YMMV is a very real thing. What happens in one session may not occur in another.

      But knowing that a provider is real and safe to see is highly valuable. Any other benefit that comes from reviews is just that–a benefit.


  2. This board is big in Seattle. It was (a few years ago when I lived there) THE board for Seattle… and I think one of the best boards around, but only where it has the dominant traffic (Seattle), and here’s why:

    1. detailed+trustworthy reviews – especially compared to many other sites.

    2. Last minute availability / last minute specials – this worked as a way to get a quick visit in.

    3. In search of – when you have a particular need, let them come to you.

    That being said, it’s useless for lots of places because it breaks down by STATE which is way too big.


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