Answering Your Questions #13

Here we go again! Round 13 of Answering Your Questions!

Reviews re TS providers:
I notice even the TS that have been around have few reviews. And usually by hobbyists that are new and have few reviews. Are most hobbyists afraid to post? —— Jake

Well, Jake, that is a good question. I agree that it does seem that Transsexual/Transgender (TS) providers do seem to have less reviews than other providers. Why? I’m guessing it is a combination of factors.

I do know that the TS providers were hit especially hard by the shut-down of BackPage. That was probably their most used website for advertising. But it didn’t have reviews. I would guess that there are a few niche websites that are only for this particular corner of the CTS community, but not having seen any such sites I can’t comment on reviews.

On the “regular” sites, the TS providers are often treated differently. And not in a good way. As a result, clients who see TS providers are often also treated differently. I have seen such clients be attacked online when they have openly discussed sessioning with TS providers. As such, I expect that many are afraid to post reviews. Especially if they also see straight female providers. There can be quite a stigma applied to men who have sex with TS providers (anybody remember how Eddie Murphy was treated after his arrest in the ‘90’s?).

I think all of this is truly unfair. The fact is, Transsexual and Transgender providers are a part of this community. They should not be treated any differently. We are a community that should be about breaking down social barriers, not creating them. This community is about exploring and experiencing all sorts of sexual and sensual desires. Especially the socially taboo ones. The fact that TS providers are often considered “second class” by many in the CTS community is a true shame. And I think something as simple as writing reviews could be a step in the right direction for inclusion for both TS providers and the clients who enjoy their services and company.

I have noticed that you don’t talk about politics on your blog usually. Why not? Is it because you think that most hobbyists and providers all share the same political views? Or is it something different? —— “A Liberal Lover”

Nope. I don’t like to bring up politics too much on this blog. And that is very intentional. Our community is made up of people of all sorts of political views. So many political topics could serve as serious minefields. So they are not worth it. Unless a political issue is directly and immediately of interest and importance to this community, I leave it for my regular social media pages. Here, I want to talk about our community.
Are these questions from real people, or do you make them up yourself? —— “psylkr”

Considering the fact that I have replied to several of your questions, I think you know the answer. Real questions from real people. And real answers from a very real me.

I love these questions. Please continue to submit your questions. And comment! Please comment on the posts you see here on the Blog.

One comment

  1. Well as someone who has submitted a questions to VS.

    They are real, & I have seen many known handle names asking the same questions, they once have asked on NS.

    SO I DOUBT VS would go posting questions of old one from NS. Cause he sure didn’t know at the time he would be a writer of his own blog website.

    Putting the name of a handle who is pretending to be asking these question. Would be a bad move for VS, a Liability like that is something VS would never Do..

    If one of these Gentle-Men, was to see their handle & was to find out.
    I am sure VS wouldn’t do anything like this for any type of attention, especially knowing so many would be disappointment in him.

    There are so many who support VS & his Blogging/website.
    So that was a silly question to even ask.
    Sabrina Luv.


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