Review: SipSap

Review: SipSap

Some sites are fancy, some are complicated. SipSap is neither. This is a very simple, basic website that really has just one purpose—finding someone to play with.

I only recently became aware of this website through a friend who has a listing on it. You could say that this is the biggest website that no one is talking about. There are thousands and thousands of listings for providers on the site.

SipSap has users search for providers by zip code. That is very simple. It has a few filters for your search to allow you to narrow the scope somewhat—which is good since many of my test searches brought up hundreds of results.

The profiles for providers give some good, basic information. Contact info, a few photos, some physical stats, and some rate information may all be present (though not all profiles contain all information). Users can also leave comments on those profile. Some comments that I have seen have served as reviews, providing a bit more information to the user.

Basic membership is free, though there is also a premium paid membership.

Overall, this is an easy to use site that has plenty of information to offer it’s users. As with any nation-wide listing site, it’s local value is completely dependent on how many people are using it. But my test searches did show very widespread usage of SipSap. It is certainly a website worth taking a look at whether you are a client or provider.

Grade: B


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