How often?

One of things that I get asked most often by people who are curious about our little world is: How often is “normal” for seeing sex workers?

The answer is, there is no “normal”.

Set aside the clients who only do this once every few years (or only once in a lifetime) and just looking at clients who have made Consensual Transactional Sex a part of their lifestyle.  There is still a wide range of “how often”.  It literally ranges from once a month (or less) to everyday.  It is doubtful that there are any reliable survey numbers out there to give us a scientific answer.

But through the years it seems that most clients fall into one of three basic groups:

  • The Provider of the Month Club (once a month or every other month)
  • The Friday Night Club (about once a week)
  • The Big Spender Club (from twice a week to almost everyday)

Where do the majority of clients land?  In the first or second club.  There are plenty of guys who wish they there in the Big Spender Club (including myself), but it is hard to afford to play that much.

Money is one of the three main factors in determining how often a client plays in this game.  Time and Provider availability are the other two big factors.  Though desire can also be a serious component for some guys.

Some men only desire to do this once in a while.  These are usually the men who have a good marriage (or other relationship) and are just looking for the occasional tryst or something a bit different.  Clients like this are almost always in the first group and play just once a month or less.

But time, money, and provider availability are usually the big factors.

For some clients, finding an hour or so to be able to get away from work, family, and other commitments is just difficult.  Life is full of schedules that often just can’t be bent.  A 30 minute session with a provider is going to require at least an hour window in a clients schedule.  An hour session needs at least 90 minutes of available time.  Finding these breaks in a busy schedule can be very difficult for many men these days.

Being able to afford to play is a big issue.  This is not a cheap “hobby”.  Setting aside two or three Benjamin’s a month is one thing.  But spending that much every week, or more often, can create a financial strain on most anyone’s budget.  Even very wealthy clients might not wish to spend thousands of dollars a month on providers.

And of course, there is also the factor of finding a provider who is available when you have the time and money.  This can be the most difficult and frustrating thing in CTS.  It is a big factor in why some clients play less often than they would like–they just can’t get sessions scheduled with the ladies they want to see.

All of these factors lead to reality that most clients do not play as often as they would want to.  How often is “normal”?  There is no normal.  But for most of us, “How often” is: Not as often as we’d like.  Most of the clients that I know are either once a month or once a week guys.  This seems to be the most common, though I do now a couple of guys who see ladies anywhere from 3 times a week to almost everyday.  Lucky guys to be able to do that.

Personally, I only manage to have about one session a month right now.  That is down from about once a week, which was my “normal” up until a few months ago.  All three main factors are at work in limiting my playtime.



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  1. Great article. For those of us in the first club, wondering if anybody has had situations in which if you stop seeing someone for a while, provider will stop answering texts and ghost. Is that because they only want to stick to high roller clients? No matter how good of a rapport you had. Maybe it’s only me who knows.


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