Therapy Through Sex

They say that laughter is the best medicine.  That may be true.  But orgasms are pretty good medicine too.

Sex can be therapy.

I’m sure there are some academic articleas out there that agree.  But this isn’t about science, this post is about feeling better.

The truth is, it isn’t sex that makes us feel better–it’s that human connection we have with a sexual partner.  Even if it is just a one-hour relationship with an escort.  We still get to have a real interaction.  An intimate one.

When we are going through a stressful time, getting to take a break from life for an hour and just connect with someone in an intimate way that is completely seperate from our normal lives is exactly the medicine we need.

It gives us a chance to disconnect from the things in life which are causing us stress, and reconnect with ourselves.  The intimate touch of another person reminds us that we are truly alive.  That we are creatures of passion.  With the right person, it allows our very innermost self to come alive.

Sex with a sex worker can be everything that our opponents say it is: cheap, empty, and degrading to the human condition.  It can also be so, so much more.  It can be passionate, freeing, and honest.  It can allow us to let go of our inhibitions and preconditioning, giving us the chance to connect with another person on a more basic, primal level.  Time spent with a sex worker is free of so many of the socially conditioned rules that restrict and control our everyday lives.  Especially during the hardest of times.

I am going through a mourning period right now, after the loss of my mother.  Society’s conditioning says I must be sad and depressed, that I must “work through the stages of grief”.  But it also says I must do all sorts of things to pay tribute to the deceased.  There are services to be held and (a lot) of paperwork to do.  And phone calls.  Lots and lots of calls.  And visits.  So many social conventions to follow.  People try to be super nice and kind.  They say many words of encouragement.  But they never let you step away from what has happened.  In fact, they keep your loss front in center in your life.

But not a sex worker.  You can tell her what has happened, and she will spend her time letting you forget about it.  She will let you just live in the moment with her.  That is freedom.  Freedom from grief and social pressure.  Freedom from guilt and pain.  Just a time to be alive and be human.  That is true therapy.

It doesn’t “solve” anything.  Not really.  But it helps.  It is more than just an escape.  It is a chance to breathe anew.  A freshening of life.

Time spent with a sex worker, regardless of the style and type of service, can be a true gift in times of real stress.  It can help a person to recenter themselves and cope with everything that the world throws their way.  I know it helps me.  In many ways, the relationships I have with sex workers are more honest, open, and healing to me than those I have with even my closest of “regular” friends.


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