Needing Some Advice from the Ladies

I was once an un-evolved man slut who would FUCK as many women as I could. Always disappointed when the deed was done. Never satisfied because there was no connection and always felt rushed. Wanting to get the hell out of there because the conversation was dull and uninteresting. This is a path I don’t want to go down ever again.

Then I met someone very special and became well mannered gentleman. She captured my attention and had something to say that captured mind body and soul. It wasn’t just about doing the deed. She showed me that it was much deeper than that. She showed me that a provider is a real woman a real person just as much as the next. I met several others through her and my experiences have been incredible since then.

For reasons that I won’t share here other than I made a mistake that cost me dearly and I lost the greatest most amazing provider I have ever known. Many people out there have been telling me to go out there and see as many as I can. Well that’s just not me anymore. While it’s all fun and games flirting here on ig you can get an idea if the personality is a match.

I have a short list of some that I’ve been talking with for awhile now 6 months or longer. My problem is I don’t think it’s fair to any of them if I saw them right now given my feelings that I do have. So I’d like to hear from providers what they think. I already know what some of the guys think so I’m not interested in your opinion because I’m not going to degrade myself back to the Un-evolved man slut.




[Ladies, please leave your advice in the comments section below.  Help this poor fellow out.]

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