Asking For Discounts?

There are many rules that Hobbyists (clients) need to follow in the world of Consensual Transactional Sex, and one of those is that you do NOT ask for discounts. Except when you do. But you should not do it. Except under certain circumstances. But don’t do it.


Good. That is the way The Rules work. They can are very confusing. But that is a post for another day.


A lot of guys broke the ire of sex workers by asking for discounts. The basic rule here is simple: her rates are her rates—accept them or move on. There is really nothing complicated about that. Asking for a discount is generally seen as a sign of either your cheapness or your disrespect. There are more than a few ladies that will publicly blast you on social media for asking for a discount. So, as a general rule, don’t do it.

This is especially true if you have never seen that sex worker before. If you are attempting to book a first meeting with a worker and ask for her to reduce her rates you are being wholly and completely disrespectful. It is just wrong. It doesn’t matter if every client within a fifty mile radius things she is over-charging, you don’t get to lowball her. Rates are rates.

So, is there a point where you can ask for discounts? The answer is. . . Sometimes. There are a few special exceptions to the “No asking for discounts” rule. All of them have one specific thing in common: a pre-existing relationship.

So what are these exceptions? Here we go.


It is acceptable to ask if a sex worker gives a birthday discount. Many do. But not all.

But it is important that you and the sex worker already know each other at some level, preferably that you have sessioned before. However, this is not something you go fishing for. Clients should not go online and ask dozens of sex workers about birthday discounts. That is not right. You can post that your birthday is coming up and hope that some workers contact you (it happens), but you should NEVER publicly ask for a discount.

Preferably, this is something that you ask of sex worker that you have seen several times. IF you have a good relationship, you might not even need to ask because they might ask you when your birthday is and offer you something special (this is proof of your good standing and the best possible situation).

If it is going to be your birthday and you want to inquire about a discount, do NOT ask for a specific amount. In fact, do not directly ask for a discount at all. Simply, and politely as possible, inquire as to whether or not they give clients a “special rate” or “birthday special” or such. If they say yes, wonderful. If they say no, accept it.


If you have established a good rapport with a particular sex worker and want to see them more often, but their regular rate makes that difficult, it is acceptable to approach them about an “arrangement”. This is an agreement between a worker and a client that can generally include a lower than normal rate (as discount) under the agreement that there will be a minimum number of meetings each month. This is a situation that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The client saves some money and the worker has something akin to a guaranteed income.

This is something that needs to be handled in a delicate manner. A lot of respect needs to go into the request. As a client it is important to remember that you are not gaining any sort of control over the sex worker. Control remains completely hers (or his). In fact, as a client, you are actually surrendering more control to the sex worker. You are committing yourself to a certain number of sessions each month (or whatever time period you choose) and promising to provide a set donation for that time. While arrangements  can be very beneficial, they are a commitment and should not even be considered lightly.

Other Discounts?

Are there any other times you can ask about discounts? Yes, but still be careful.

When new websites show up, you can inquire about “review specials”. But it is best not to actually ask. If a sex worker is willing to offer them, it will be posted online. The only clients who are really in any position to ask if it is not posted are those handful of hobbyists who are prolific and respected reviewers. And they generally do not ask, though they may receive offers.

Sometimes you can ask sex workers that you have met at social events and established a good rapport with if they might give you a special rate. But I do not fully recommend it. This is something that you should approach with extreme caution, and only do if you have an excellent public reputation AND she is otherwise way out of your normal range. I will admit to doing this, with some success. But it is a very delicate thing.

The “Divorce Discount” is a real thing. If you are celebrating signing those divorce papers you might inquire with a favorite lady about a celebratory discount. Again, don’t expect anything, but it is okay to ask if you have a good relationship.
These are the main areas where asking about discounts can be acceptable, but as I have tried to make abundantly clear, you should expect nothing and demand nothing. You should have a good rapport with any sex worker you ask for a discount for BEFORE ever even considering asking. And you should always be as delicate and polite as possible when making your inquiry. Remember, the rates are the rates. Respect the worker and respect their rates.


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  1. I never ask for discounts, only seems a way to screw up a nice thing with your lady. If she offers it then take it by all means.


  2. I inadvertently asked for a discount with a provider of seen before.

    I asked: “Can you do 130 for a hour.” She responded back saying that was too low of a rate. I was confused until I realised she thought I meant $130/hr. What I meant was: “can you meet at 1:30pm for an hour”.

    We laughed about it and I paid her regular rate but if we hadn’t already seen each other I might have been ignored or blocked.

    I’ve ended up with a discount with providers that don’t post their rates. They’ve discounted the rate a bit after I told them it was more than I had. They offered the discount I didn’t ask or expect it. This is rare. Usually we move on without meeting.


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