Answering Your Questions #14

It’s that time again! Time to open up my emails and DM’s and answer your questions. Round 14:
I am fairly new to all of this, still trying to find my way, but so far I am having a blast. But I had a bad experience recently and am wondering how to avoid it in the future. I enjoy giving oral to a woman. But I have certain standards for how she should smell and taste. Last week I was with an escort and as I went down on her, well, lets just say it wasn’t too appealing. She smelled pretty bad and tasted worse. Completely spoiled the entire mood. I stopped pretty quick and when she asked why I told her. She wasn’t too happy. She left my hotel room quickly.
How do I avoid going down this road again? — “Dallas Daty Lover”

I have had the misfortune of encountering more than one vagina that was not up to my personal standards, so I know how you feel. Long ago I came up with a way to avoid putting my nose and tongue into harms way. I use my hand.

Before I ever go down on a woman, I put my fingers to work. Usually while she is giving me oral sex. I make it seem as just a normal sexual contact, but after a few seconds I nonchalantly bring my fingers up to my own nose for a sniff-test. This gives me the information I need in order to make a “go, no go” decision on DATY.

The real trick is doing this all in a way that doesn’t let on to the lady what I am actually doing. You generally don’t want to be caught putting a woman through a sniff-test. That could be awkward. But if you do it right, you avoid trouble. More than once I’ve just told a lady to keep going with the blow job because I really lost my desire for anything else. Other times, my clever little maneuver has made me move quickly to get between her legs.

(I truly hope no ladies are offended—that is not my intent.)
When do I send a lady my references? When I make first contact or when she asks? It’s a lot of work to type all that into a text message. — Doug

Some ladies will explicitly state online for you to include references with your first contact. If they say so, it is best to do it. If it is not stated, then send them upon request.
That being said, I never do. I always state that I will send them my references when they ask. Some ladies may not like this, but as a practical matter, I just find it easier this way.
As for having to type them into a text message, do what I do: Keep your references saved in a file on some sort of note-taking app on your phone. Then all you need to do is copy and paste. Easy and fast.
How is your dad? — Amber

Thank you for asking, Miss Amber. He is doing okay. He had a couple of surgeries but seems to be healing so far. We still have a long road ahead, but he has a strong will and still has things he wants to do. Attitude means a lot to good healing.


How do I win one of those gift cards you’re giving away? — “PsyLckr”

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