Responding To Rumors

I’ve been asked why I will post on Social Media about rumors that are going around, especailly when there is not much (or any) proof.  Why would I risk my public reputation by posting rumors?

The answer is simple: Sometimes all we have are rumors.  And I feel a certain level of responsibility to make people aware of potential issues.

Case in point, the questions today (Nov. 20, 2018) regarding the website  Many people were reporting serious problems with accessing the website.  I was unable to for several hours.  It all seemed very odd, not at all like a normal outtage on a website.  Rumors were online that Eros had been taken over by Federal authorities.  So, in the name of caution,  posted on Social Media about these rumors.IMG_20181120_102502_986.jpg

This upset some people.  Others complimented me for doing so.

Fact is, I have no idea what was causing the service interruptions for Eros.  I do know that there has been (and from what I have been able to confirm) is still an active investigation going on involving either Eros, it’s owners, or it’s employees.  What the nature of this investigation is remains a complete mystery.

So why comment?  Because safety and security are critically important within our community.  If Eros has been compromised in any way, it could represent a significant danger to our community.  So it is important that I put information out there.  I’m not doing it to spread fear or to hurt anyone’s business.  I’m doing it because it is the right thing to do.  I have a platform from which I can be somewhat influential in our community.  I never wish to use it to harm any person, group, or business.  But I will use it to try and protect all of us, even if that means making people nervous.

So, if anyone was bothered by this incident, I do apologize.  But I will continue to post whatever I think is necessary for thee betterment and protection of our community.

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