Incel’s “#ThotAudit” Not a Threat

Yesterday I started seeing quite a bit of traffic online about the topics of “Incels” and the hashtag “ThotAudit”. I confess, that I had no idea what this was at first, but did a bit of digging.  Before I explain what I found–for those who don’t know about any of this–I just want to be clear that there is no real threat of ladies being audited by the IRS due to this campaign of hate.


“Incels” are those who identify as being “involuntarily celibate”.  This is a fringe group of people that have been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as being part of an unorganized hate group/hate movement.  I guess you could call them the “white supremacists” of the sex world.  Basically, these people that call themselves Incels are pissed off at the world because they can’t get laid.

They blame society, women, other men, etc. for their lack of sexual activity.  The SPLC’s research shows them to be primarily white males, mostly younger adults.  There have been numerous violent incidents–especially rapes and mass killings–perpetrated by people who either identify as being Incels or who have given praise to previously violent Incels.  The Intel community often praises and advocates for attacks on others as retribution for their celibacy.  In short, this is a very dangerous subculture.


This hashtag has been floating around online for a couple of days in reference to what some are calling an organized effort or campaign by Incels to report Sex Workers to the IRS for not paying taxes.

This seems to have originated first from what is reported to be a joke posted on Facebook a few days ago by someone claiming to have been reported to the IRS for making money off of their premium Snapchat account.  This concept was then picked up by the Intel community and spread around on social media, with the hashtag “#ThotAudit” first appearing on Twitter.

It is actually unclear whether any actual campaign by the Incels to report Sex Workers to the IRS actually exists.  This may all just be an online threat, a bit of cyber-bullying that is not uncommon from these people.

No Real Audit Danger

Sex Workers are not in any real danger of being reported to the IRS for not paying taxes.  Over the years I have seen more than one asshole threaten to report Sex Workers to the IRS for tax evasion, but never actual heard of it happening.  It turns out that it is not easy to report someone.

The IRS does have a program for tax whistleblowers, but it requires a lot of information.  The report must be done in writing–and signed under penalty of perjury–and it must include a lot of personal information about the person being reported.  Needed information includes a full legal name, address, tax ID number, the amount of unclaimed income, etc.

It is quite unlikely that any of these Incels are going to have all of that information on any Sex Workers.  Sure, with enough online stalking a person might get some of that information.  But gaining all the required information would take some serious investigation, most of which would be outright illegal to do.

As such, there is not any real threat of people in our community being audited due to  any of these people reporting Sex Workers to the IRS. So don’t lose any sleep over it.

The Real Threat

I do, however, think that these Incels pose some real threats to our community.  Incels live in the online world.  It is the place they feel most comfortable.  But it is also our place.  We need to be vigilant about these type of people infecting our community.

I admit that I was completely ignorant about such people until now.  I had never heard of Incels before.  But a couple hours of research has revealed a hate-filled, resentment-fueled, dangerous group of people.  I have no doubt now that many of the frequently nasty online trolls that our various forums have endured over the years come out of this hate group.  From my research I was able to recognize plenty of the same language that I sometimes see in the hate mail that I receive on this website, as well as things that I saw posted to different forums in the past.

I have more research to do about these people.  When appropriate I will rite about it and hopefully be able to share some specific tips on how we, as a community, can keep these Incels at bay.  And hopefully find ways to keep them from being a threat to our Sex Workers.


  1. “Involuntarily Celibate” implies either inability to function sexually, or poverty:

    Injury or disease can prevent sexual function, but is not caused by “society, women, SW, other men, etc.”

    Occasional CTS is not prohibitively expensive on the scale of the computers and smartphones those folks are able to afford. Failing to spend your money on sex, when it’s important to you, is not “involuntary”.

    Therefore an InCel as described is a pathetic whiner at best, and more probably also a liar. This is pretty typical for hate groups, no?


  2. what many are also worried about that goes with this threat is the incels posting name,, location and photos of providerss on the dark web to be trafficked. which is so outlandish to me, that’s not how thingss really work.

    hope all ladies already know know to use separate email addresses for work, one to join ssites, one for posting to be contacted n, another t book rooms, then personal, private email. have their name changed with their phone provider to not have your real name show up in caller ID, any pix used for work should never be posted or ussed anywhere else and before do9ing so take a screen shot of the photo and use that to dump the geo location and other details linked to the photo.

    if ladies are already taking these procautions they needn’t worry…


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