Client Etiquette: Hands Off!

Okay men, listen up. I want to make this as clear as I can.

Until a lady tells you that it is okay to touch her—keep your fucking hands to yourself!

This is a very serious issue. Far too many men seem to have it in their heads that since they are going to be paying for pleasure of spending time with Sex Workers that they have the right to touch the ladies whenever and however they want. Sorry guys, but this is not true.

You may be paying for her time or for some specific service, but you are not buying her body. It doesn’t belong to you. You do not get to do whatever you want to do unless she says so.

So do not be grabbing her ass as you walk to her room unless she tells you it is okay. You can ask. But if she says no, keep your hands off her derrière. But you also damn well need to ask respectfully.

And once in her room, do not be grabbing all over her body unless she indicates that you can.

Let’s be perfectly clear, if you touch a woman—any woman—in a sexual manner without her permission you are committing a sexual assault. Doesn’t matter if she is a Sex Worker. Unless you have permission to touch, you keep your hands off. You don’t own her body. You are not even “renting” her body. You are paying for her time and skills. Respect that. Respect her.

If t seems like this post is a bit of an angry rant, then you are correct. I am angry. I am angry at men forgetting that they need to be gentlemen. They need to comport themselves with dignity and respectfulness. They need to treat women as ladies. It should not matter one bit that we are paying to be in the presence of these women. That does not make them undeserving of respect.

The Sex Workers who know me as a client all use the same word to describe me: gentleman. That is my reputation. And it is a good one. It is a reputation that makes my life as a client easier and better. Because that is how I behave, as a gentleman. The end result is that I have a great time when I see providers. I rarely ever have a bad session. They respect I show the ladies is shown back to me by the effort they put into making our time together truly enjoyable.

How you treat a woman is going to determine much of how she treats you. So keep your hands off until she makes it clear that she wants you to be touching her. That is a super simple rule. And breaking it is a good way to turn what could be a pleasurable encounter into a bad one.  Do not be an asshole and sexually assault providers.

Be a gentleman, not an asshole.


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