Review: Tryst

Review: Tryst

So here it is. The one I’ve been waiting for. Tryst.

I have to be honest with this review in that I have been eagerly awaiting this new website. Tryst is the creation of Assembly 4, the people who gave us Switter. Being a huge fan and user of Switter, I have had high hopes for their advertising platform. And so far, Tryst does not disappoint.

First off, this site is really beautiful. I think Tryst is the best looking sex worker listing site that I’ve ever seen. It’s clean, well laid out, and visually appealing. There are tons of photos on the home page and it immediately gets the user into the experience of the site.

The individual listings are by far the best looking and best laid out I have ever seen. Photo quality is very good, and the photos are easy to navigate. There is a ton of space for the providers to introduce themselves and to express who they are and what they do. The layout also provides easy to use areas for rates, availability, and contact information.

And according to Assembly 4, this is just the “Beta” version. If Beta looks this good, then things are going to be awesome with this one!

Search interface is very basic at this point. But still useful. Just searching by keywords primarily. Not much of any filters available at this time, though I expect that will come as elements of this site come online. But even just searching by keyword I was able to use specific locations, services, and other terms to find ladies.

At this time it seems that whatever contact information a provider posts is public, which I know some sex workers might not like. I personally agree with providers who feel that in order to use a site and see contact info, potential clients should have to be registered to the website as a member. But this is my only real negative comment about Tryst (and that is a fairly minor one).

Assembly 4 has made a great effort for Tryst to be very Sex Worker positive and inclusive. Male, non-binary, and trans sex workers are all welcome on Tryst. This is quite a step forward from many other sites who saw these groups as an afterthought—or ignored them all together.

They have taken their time in rolling out this site, and it shows in the quality. Most new sites that have shown up have looked—and run—as though they were just thrown together in a hurry. Not Tryst. It is a well thought out, well designed website.

It is my honest opinion that Tryst is going to be huge. They state that they wish this site to be very positive for sex workers, providing a high-quality advertising platform at affordable and reasonable costs. They are also starting some programs to help workers who are struggling. How this will play out in the long run is anyone’s guess, but things look very positive now.

At this point I have to highly recommend sex workers and clients to this site. Being based in Australia, and therefore out of US jurisdiction, is a big plus. I think this is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Overall grade: A


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