New Year, New Hate Mail

It took only 51 hours for me to receive my first hate mail of 2019! To celebrate, I thought I would share it:

Dear “Valley” Pervert,
Why do you want to help these criminal bitches? These nasty sluts are breaking the law with their disgusting use of their bodies. They are destroying marriages, ruining men’s lives, and I bet they’ve all murdered at least one baby. I cannot fathom why any man would want to defend or help such trash. Or are you also a baby-murdering, illegal-alien loving, God hating LIBERAL?
You and your whores and pervert friends are all trying to destroy this Great Nation. After our Great President Trump gets done shutting the border to keep the illegal trash out I hope he turns to locking all of you disgusting freaks n prison. You are all a bunch of AIDS infested garbage. You’re all going to die and burn in hell.
And you, Mr. ValleyScott (what a stupid fake name that is) are going to lead the way. You and your favorite whore. You’ve got her picture all over your website and Instagram. What an ugly whore. Seriously, why would anyone want to fuck some bitch who shakes so badly with her disease? Be careful you don’t catch it! I bet she got it from one of you perverts. It’s what you all fucking deserve. I just wish you didn’t all have to be so fucking nasty and share your diseases with your wives and husbands that you cheat on. You’re all trying to kill us good responsible people with your sick sex diseases.
I can’t wait until our government and President Trump take back the Internet from you perverts and whores. He will Make The Internet Great Again by shutting you all down!
Happy New Year. I hope it’s you last one!

A True American
God Loves Donald Trump!


So this is Hate Mail #1 for 2019. I know there will be more. At times, I get two or three of these a week. Some are much more polite. Some are much worse. Most of them just make me laugh. I do have to applaud this particular hater, he has better spelling and grammar than most. Honestly, that is often the worst part of reading these things—the absolute assault on the English language.

As for his content, well, he is full of shit. I don’t know who will or will not go to hell. I’m not God, so I don’t make that decision. And neither does this guy, so his words are meaningless. I do wonder what in his life has made his so angry and bitter. Maybe it’s a lack of sex.

I know not all Trump supporters agree with this unhinged writer. I know a few gentlemen who enjoy the company of Sex Workers as much as I do who are Republicans and support Mr. Trump. I do worry about Trump coming after our community, especially since it seems both parties look at us poorly (proof: FOSTA). But I take comfort in knowing that the First Amendment still exists and it will protect us in the long run—at least from what this man wants.

I take serious issue with his belief that we are all infected with diseases like AIDS. And his wish that we die from those diseases. That is pretty damn hateful.

And I really take issue with his attack on my friend. He is referring to the lovely Miss Sabrina Luv who was kind enough to be interviewed for this blog. In that interview she discussed the fact that she has Parkinson’s Disease. That is why she was shaking some during the interview. I admire her tremendously for being brave enough to be recorded for all to see. That is courage. I guess the writer of this hate letter is unaware that Parkinson’s is not a communicable disease. Sabrina didn’t catch it from anybody and can’t give it to anyone else. To say the things he did about her is the mark of a coward. I truly hate that the courage that Sabrina showed by taking part in that interview has so often been overlooked by the people who send in these hate letters. The nasty things people say are probably the things that make me the angriest.

So why do I share this letter? I am not exposing the author of it. He did not give his name. He was able to send it to me anonymously and without a return email address. So I cannot out him for being the bigoted asshat that he is. So why share?

Honestly, I share this because I can. Because I am free to share it. Because I can best contend with this kind of hate by putting it on display. It’s not something I want to do often. I usually delete these things without any comment. If there is no emails address or other contact info that I can report or block, it just gets a quick delete. That keeps my anger in check. But sometimes I need to put it out there. A reminder of the work that we need to do in the face of the hate that some have for us. I need to put it out there so that others who might agree with this jerk can see I have no fear of them. Their words do not hurt me. Their words will not stop me. I will not be silent.

And I will continue to write, to love, to screw, to help, to educate, and to enjoy this life to the best of my abilities. Free speech and sex, those are my passions!



(And I rather like my made up name!)


  1. Stay the course! This “person” has some deeply disturbed thinking and I am sorry you had to get an email like this. Keep writing & keeping us in the industry up on things. ..I mean, as much as one man can do! Thanks and screw the haters…oh wait, they already do that to themselves. Cara

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  2. Reading the hate mail is one of my favorite parts of this blog. just knowing the ignorance that people have towards this industry, this lifestyle, this hobby or job, whatever you want to refer to it as is just astounding how some of these people think, they really are clueless to what our little world is actually like.

    it’s not too far different from the clicks you had in high school or college. everybody’s fucking everybody, so what? at least with most of us, we’re all smart about it and use protection, Unlike when you were hanging out with your click and everyone was fucking each other bare and getting knocked up, pregnant, having to get married.

    we’re not getting knocked up and pregnant or spreading diseases. prostitutes, escorts, providers, happen to be some of the cleanest bitches out there and it’s because we actually care about our health because we come into contact with so many people. we have to stay on top of it. the bitches that are spreading diseases are those drunk sluts that you pick up in bars, they’re your cheating girlfriend/boyfriend, it’s not the escorts, it is not prostitutes and it’s not providers. it’s the civies, so get real.

    We get tested monthly, I don’t know any illegals or anyone with aids. Dont know anyone under age or traffickers. I do know plenty of republicans and democrats, many god fearing men that are heavily active in their church communities, as well as non believers that don’t believe there is a heaven or hell so that’s of no concern since they don’t exist and neither does sin. It’s not premarital sex if you don’t get married 🙂

    I’ve never committed murder nor been pregnant. I don’t believe in abortion personally for myself as I don’t believe in using abortion as birth control so I’ve always taken extra precautions to not get pregnant. I’m allowed to legally sell my blood (platelets, plasma, bone marrow), urine, feces, hair, skin, eggs/semen for men, breastmilk, and I can rent out my uterus, but if I use my body for pleasure it’s illegal. Go figure….

    And I like to think I help keep marriages together. people need human touch and connection and a lot of wives are not fulfilling their wifely duties and their husbands are lonely and craving something they are no longer getting at home. So instead of divorcing their wives because they do love them just the affection is not there anymore, they come get their needs met with ladies that have no strings attached, we don’t ask men to leave their wives to be with us. We don’t want that. But now their husband is happy and is heading home and they don’t need to do that other thing they don’t wanna do anymore. Their night got a little easier. And he’s satisfied and doesn’t plan to leave wife. Everyone wins.

    And Jesus would not be pleased with you and your hate filled speech. All sins are equal, all of them. Murder is just as bad as casting judgement and lying and adultery. Read your scripture. Jesus spent his time with the dregs of society to be an example and did not cast judgement and condemn them for anything they did. I hope you find Jesus and he fills your heart with love and you let go of the hate. I’ll pray for you. Amen.

    Xoxo peace be with you.

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