Letter To The Blog: Rigged Contest?

Dear ValleyScott:

I think your December Contest was rigged.

I like your blog. It has helped me. Ever since I took your advice in the Contact Etiquette article, I have been having a lot better luck with women replying to me. So thanks for that.

But I am really suspicious about how you conducted your contest in December. I mean, only women won. How does that happen? I’m guessing most of your readers are dudes. But all four winners were women. And it is really suspicious that one of them is your girlfriend Sabrina. How likely is it that your favorite provider is one of the winners.

I think you owe us all an explanation.


“An Anonymous Reader (who doesn’t want to get blocked)”

Well, Mr. Anonymous, I am glad that my Blog has helped you, but I feel a bit insulted.

My contest was not rigged. At all. I was surprised that all four winners were women. But honestly, I liked that fact. But I assure you that it was all fair. But, to be fully transparent, I’ll go through it all:

This winner, Miss TexasSunshine, was chosen from all of my followers on Switter. Now, I didn’t feel like writing out over 500 names on little slips of paper. So I used numbers instead. I drew three numbers from three bowls, giving me a 3 digit number. The first bowl had 0-5, and the others 0-9. I took that 3 digit number (I forget what it was now) and then went down my list of followers until I got to the winner. Miss TexasSunshine. Totally fair. As for it being a woman that won, well I estimate that about 65% of my followers are women. So they had better odds.

This winner was drawn from all of those who commented on my blog during the contest. There were only 17 entries, and most of those were women. I put each entrants name on a small card and drew the winner from a bowl. Miss KellyRyan took that prize. Fair and square. Again, I had more comments from women than men, so the ladies had better odds.

This card went to JustJami for posting a link to my site online. I had only 13 entries for this one. Again, mostly women. I followed the same procedure as I did for Card #2. Couldn’t be more fair.

This one was awarded to one of my financial supporters. I have only 3 people who have contributed money to my blog, so the odds for each of them were pretty good. It just happened to go to Miss Sabrina Luv. Three names, three slips of paper, one winner. One-in-three odds.

As for your comments about Sabrina. Though I wish it were true, she is not my girlfriend. She is a dear friend and a great supporter of my blog. She has been encouraging me and helping me from the very start. She didn’t win because the contest was rigged, but because her odds were good. She was the only person who was entered for all four cards. And one of only three people for one of those. I admit, I am happy that she won. But it wasn’t favoritism and it wasn’t rigged.

Now, make sure that you are entered into my January Giveaway. A $50 Amazon Gift card will be given to one of my subscribers. All you have to do is click on the “follow” button on this page and subscribe to The ValleyScott Blog. Sabrina and 36 others already are. Are you?

But just to avoid suspicions, this month I will post a video of my drawing the name of the winner. You have until Jan 30th to subscribe.

One comment

  1. Well ,
    That was awesome VS .
    I am glad that you would do such thing For The readers to see.
    Just remember to write my name on all the little papers.. so I can win again.. lol JK

    I assure you dear “An Anonymous Reader (who doesn’t want to get blocked)”
    With your concern you have an honest Gentle-Man, who would not do such thing .

    Even tho I have a special place in his heart.
    VS would never Jeopardize the trust of his readers..
    So he can assure you & everyone that any of his contest will be done out of honesty and fairness.

    If I was to find out that, VS had rigged any contest, so that I had a chance to win.

    Well… let’s just say, Vs, Knows me very well that I would not keep that a secret. I would make sure he admit such thing.

    But I know that you & everyone who support & value his writing, Are Just As important as I am.

    Well,To the many who do know me, Know how I am .
    I would not tolerate any cheating or lying
    Under any circumstances would I accept any prize from any dear friend or BF

    I don’t like Cheaters or liars, This is one of many reasons, I have always told myself to be Honest & Humble.
    many of my clients & friends already known of me being just this.
    I Always try to be Honest & Be Humble.

    Despite of what the Consequences Might End Up Being.
    Honesty Is Always The Best Policy as well as Being Humble,

    I been a provider for many years In the town I lived in. All who know me & the Many who have heard of me.
    Can always say, I have always been Honest.
    So I assure you all that none of VS contest would ever be rigged just to please me.

    Well …I do wish you luck on the next drawing.
    ME “Anonymous Reader (who doesn’t want to get blocked)”
    Sabrina Luv
    Have a wonderful 2019

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