Bad Behavior: Providers Attacking Providers

In these uncertain times one of the last things we need is conflict between members of our community.  As with any community, some conflict in inevitable, but much of it is avoidable.

Especially conflict for no real reason.

Unfortunately, there are some people who just seem to seek out conflict.  What drives them? Many things, I’m sure.  But envy and jealousy are probably big motivators.  Especially when there isn’t any real connection between the people involved.

It is very sad when this happens between Sex Workers.  But it does.  There are just some Sex Workers who seem to be hostile towards other workers for no good reason.  They just like to cause trouble.

As a case in point, this terrible voicemail was left for a friend of The ValleyScott Blog.  It was left by another provider who was repeatedly calling and wasting the time of Miss Sabrina.  What is truly odd is that there is no reason for this, no actual direct connection between them.  But that did not stop this provider from leaving such a terrible voicemail.  Take a listen:


This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable.  Especially the threat against the children.  That is just wrong.  Sex Workers should be supporting each other, not harassing one another.

Miss Sabrina knows who left this message.  As do I.  But neither of us wants a public conflict.  It is not worth the time or effort.  Clearly the woman who left this message has personal issues that she needs to deal with.  Hopefully she can find a way to deal with the hate or envy or jealousy that drove her to this behavior.

But I want this post to serve as an example of what we should not be.  We, Sex Workers and Clients, all need to be able to come together and be unified.  We need to support one another, not try to destroy each other.  We need to be the best community we can be.


One comment

  1. Damn, who is that provider? She is fucking rude nd nasty. That aint rite at all. What is wrong with some people these days, always be hating and shit. Bad enuf that there be men leaving nasty messages and texts, but a provider doing that to another provider? That is just wrong.

    Sister Sabrina, I don’t now why that bitch be hating you like that, but don’t be lettin it git you down girl. You beautiful and that women just be jealous.


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