YesBackPage & Advertising post backpage/FOSTA/SESTA

Yesbackpage and advertising post backpage/fosta/sesta

by Samir at

Escorts and sexworkers are finding things to be very different in today’s world, now that backpage is gone, and SESTA/FOSTA are having resounding effects on advertising adult services. We at want to help educate todays SW’s on some ways to adverise today successfully.

Here are a list of things to consider when advertising today.

Many of us remember, and Craigslist. Those were really the only places a SW’s needed advertise. A simple $5 ad on Craiglsist could make an advertisers phone ring for days. A single ad on could fill a schedule for weeks.

Eros got big, and although it was kinda a pain to get an ad up… it became as good if not better, most often attracting the most quality clients.

Then it all started to change… CL took down the Adult services section. was raided and shuttered.

Backpage became king. Do you remember paying just .25 cents to post an ad for a week on BP, then just days after CL closed it was $3? then more…

Backpage grew in fast… aided by the media, reporting on the attempts to shut them down, actually grew them in popularity,

But the only place a escort needed to post an ad was backpage… if another site popped up, the rule of thumb was simple… if no other SW’s are posing there… dont bother… its not worth it.

This way of thinking NO LONGER APPLIES.

Since the demise of, there are literally dozens of sites popping up all jockeying to be the next backpage. The truth is… it will never happen. Some will have more success than others, some will fold, some will remain… but the new reality is there will now be dozens of places to advertise.

So when you find a new site, and there is just a few ads you figure are fake there… should you ignore it and move on?

NO! advertising today is a different animal. A sexworker needs to have as many ads up in as many places as possible… and most importantly, needs to think and act like a client.

We here in the industry knew an hour after backpage closed… we were searching for alternatives immediately. There are clients out there that look for an escort maybe 1 time a year on vacation! Or the guy that found his regular SW’r on backpage 2 years ago… and now is looking for a new one… they are searching for “backpage alternative” or “backpage replacement” (according to google analytics those are the TOP search terms related to sex work and backpage since April 2018) You need to be on the sites that come up in those results, EVEN IF THERE IS NO ONE ELSE SMART ENOUGH TO POST AN AD THERE!!! The clients are searching using those terms… and they are browsing the links they find… and they are not finding you! Why is that? You are not thinking like a client… you found bedpage… saw there was a ton of ads… and figured that if everyone else is posting there… I should as well. Bedpage used a bot to crawl backpage in the weeks before it closed, and copy/pasted the majority of ads it found to bedpage… MANY advertisers report getting calls and finding their ads posted on bedpage… and they did not create an account or post.

Sites like bedpage WERE having some success… they had a LOT of posts, and word got around to advertisers fast… BUT THE CLIENTS DIDN’T GET THE WORD! Yes, dedicated mongers that search for escorts daily know… and the guys that spend time on the boards and in forums know.. but the MAJORITY of clients are the guys that MIGHT call one or 2 times a year… they have never heard of
(link: or the otherboards… they are doing something simple… typing in backpage… finding its gone… then going to google, and typing “backpage alternative”.

Bedpage, ebackpage, ibackpage… they are buried in the results… is the number one result.

Yesbackpage has been growing strong since its launch in June 2018. What a majority of its advertisers say they love is great customer service from actual US sexworkers. yesbackpage is based overseas… but has several employees in Las Vegas and NC all working to grow the site. Tese are actual SW’s who know the industry, and work as advocates for others in the industry.

Combine that with the NUMBER ONE search results… those that choose to advertise with yesbackpage are getting great results.

Another factor that yesbackpage advertisers love, they are trustworthy. MANY reports claim that bedpage, aka ebackpage, aka, ibackpage, aka, onebackpage, aka icracker…. have given access to accounts to law enforcement resulting in several arrests. Escorts in NY, TX, and Co all report the same thing, when they were arrested, LE had access to their ad account, showing IP’s they posted from (leading one agency to the actual incall location they also posted ads from) payment methods and more.

To be CLEAR, the ONLY thing yesbackpage has in common with those sites… is a similar name, and if we had to do it over again… we would never of chosen this name… just to stay far away from them.

The people running those sites also run a IRS tax scam, fake direct TV scam, and are linked to ACTUAL severe human trafficking case in India.

Since the start, yesbackapge has concentrated on growing yesbackpage… there has never been a need to attack other sites… never been a need to use underhanded scams to grow the sites… but look at the record bedpage has… 1, why is it they change names every other week? Why the constant DDOS attacks trying to close yesbackpage, COSTING advertisers money and bookings, Why so many sites that are all really just the same, but diff names?? Why all the fake twitter accounts… They are taking famous models and creating fake twitter accounts with the pics… claiming to be escorts… and then posting using other sites hashtags… bedpage is not associated with skip the games or cityguide or yesbackpage… but they include all of our hashtags with the fake ads…

Think about what that does to ALL of us… the clients are SICK of fake ads and garbage. That costs YOU a real advertiser money.

Recently, bedpage posted from a fake yesbackpage twitter (the REAL twitter is @theyesbackpage, the fake is @yesbackpagess, 2 “s” is fake) advertising a promo code for $1000 in free credits… then created 5 fake escort accounts… all complaining they did not get the free credits…

Those sort of underhanded scam techniques are hurting everyone. REAL clients don’t want to sort through that crap. They like all of us, miss the days of just backpage… and that’s it. Sexworkers should be wary supporting sites that hurt the entire industry with this garbage.

We cant bring back those good ol’ backpage days. It sucks… but we can be smart and make things better.

Search on google like your clients would “backpage alternative” “new backpage”

Get listed on the top few sites you find… people RARELY go past 4 results deep… if you are on all the top 4… you are good. But the more the better!

post feature ads, and use upgrades… ALWAYS post a phone number in your ads. (fake ads wont spend the money, and never have phones) that little bit of extra spending goes a LONG way

post a LOT… the rule of thumb is for an independent escort, you should have 2 feature ads and 2 regular ads posted PER DAY per site!!!! An agency should have 2 ads per day per worker.

ADVERTISING IS AN INVESTMENT WITH A RETURN, NOT AN EXPENSE! For every ad dollar you spend, you WILL get SOME return on that money… if a $1 ad, run 10 times in a week, results in 1 booking, and that booking is just $150, look at the return on your investment!! Was it worth it spending that $10??? Of course it was! now spend $50!! To many advertisers put up one ad… with NO upgrades… no pics… and a week later complain they got no results… YOU NEED TO BE ADVERTISING A LOT AND OFTEN!!! Those days of 1 ad producing tons of results are OVER… unless backpage returns… you need to be posting a LOT… it is the new world we live in!! On MANY sites! Yesbackpage is the number one result, we find our advertisers also trust skip the games, adultlook, cityguidex, and slixa. You need to be on ALL of them and posting a LOT!!

Clients are making the same mistake… they show up on a new site, see only 1 or 2 ads.. and go back to looking… if you had SEVERAL ads up, you would of stood a MUCH greater chance of getting a booking! KEEP YOUR ADS UP… this is a marathon, not a sprint. Posting 1 ad and waiting a week to do anything is not what will work in today’s world!

Yesbackpage supports sexworkers, because we ARE sexworkers. Anyone looking to try us out… send us your registration email. We will give you some free credits. post links to your ads on twitter, fb and on other sites, we ill give you free credits… we have given over $85,000 to advertisers that lost money when backpage closed. DM us for info on how you can recover lost funds. You can text us at 702-718-7161 , 7 days a week, 9am to 7pm for help of any kind.

Advertising after backpage is not as easy as it once was… it takes work… it takes INVESTING in yourself. We at are here to help however we can.
Yesbackpage and advertising post backpage/fosta/sesta
Escorts and sexworkers are finding things to be very different in today’s world, now that backpage is gone, and SESTA/FOSTA are having resounding effects on advertising adult services. We want to help educate todays SW’s on some ways to adverise today successfully.



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